Big Brother 24 Episode 18 Recap: Elimination on Head

The Big brother season 24, episode 18 aired on Thursday with so many twists and turns.

On tonight’s episode of Big brother season 24, episode 18, the house members were involved in the PoV and Ceremony competition. Tonight’s episode has the synopsis on CBS, as

“Tonight on BB24 we have another Power of Veto competition and will see if Taylor’s nomination remains the same.”

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Big Brother 24 Recap of Tonight’s Episode

The episode begins with the end of the Veto ceremony. Taylor chooses Indy and Terrance as nominees for eviction. Taylor’s main target was Terrance, but Indy is also not surprised this elimination since she was already aware that she’s not Taylor’s main target. Terrance has also been on the nomination list four times now.

In tonight’s episode, Taylor tells Terrance to win the Veto so that he can take himself out, and Taylor will put Monte up instead. Meanwhile, Terrance doesn’t believe Taylor because he thinks she is shaking hands with Monte. She is also lying to Indy about her being not letting a girl go to the jury first on her HOH.

On the other hand, Joseph and Kyle made a fake alliance with Indy, Jasmine, and Alyssa and started calling themselves the Five Swatters. Terrance wants to use Veto to see Taylor’s cards. Now he’s going around and telling Joseph, who runs to Taylor and tells her about Terrance and that he wants to use the Veto. Joseph also tells Taylor that if such a case happens, he will volunteer to go up on the block beside a target. It simply means that both of them are now working hand in hand.

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Meanwhile, Micheal thinks Joseph’s plan is not good enough, and it will not help the Leftovers. Now, if we come to the Veto players, Taylor picks Houseguest Choice, choosing Alyssa, Terrance picks Jasmine, and Indy picks Kyle. Then the Leftovers meet in the HOH room, where Monte calls Indy and says he has to be present. Turner thinks the exact cause Terrance will not win a comp. In other words, Indy has become the target with no one to support.

The Veto Competition – Punkaroo

Tonight is punk night. The Veto competition today was called Punkaroo. The house guests will participate in a punk festival by rocking out on the world’s biggest guitar. The competition will include a series of rounds, and in each round, the members will bounce a ball down the neck of the guitar. They will gain or lose a point accordingly. Players who will get the lowest score in each round will be eliminated, and the person with the highest score will win the grand prize and can smash the guitar. If a player gets eliminated after, they get two options: either take their prize or switch it with a previously eliminated player.

Terrance got eliminated first, smashed his guitar, and got “rock the Veto.” Indy was next and got “Ink 182” and traded with Terrance. After that, it was Taylor and got “London is Calling,” In round 4th, it was Alyssa and got “Skid & Fancy,” and she chose to trade it with Taylor. Next, it was Jasmine and got “Cash” five thousand dollars. The last round was Kyle’s, and he got “Punkitard” and trades it with Indy to get the Veto. Episode 19 of this season will be released on the 21st of August. So keep watching.

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