Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Kyle Capener Wins Week 6 Veto: Who Will he Save Indy or Terrance?

Big Brother is undoubtedly an interesting reality show with a great fan following. With every passing day, the show becomes more interesting with new twists and controversies that viewers love

So, it’s day 40 in Big Brother 24 house. If we have a look at the events that happened on day 39, we can say that there is a lot of drama and interesting controversies coming in the upcoming day.

Previously, we saw Household Tylor compete in the Veto with her nominees that were Indy and Terrance. There was also Jasmine, Alyssa, and Kyle as well. Kyle won the veto, and because of punishment, Tyler could not choose Joseph as a replacement nominee. In the upcoming days, we will figure out their plans to move forward with the game.

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Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Who will Kyle Capener Save?

We can assume that Kyle could use the Veto on Terrace; on the other hand, Alyssa could go up and hand over that to the jury. Though the time he spends with Alyssa eventually weakens his game, he realizes that to make the alliance work, he has to play as a team. It is his call to choose the right move.

At this point, we cannot say anything official, but we can imagine that a lot of twists are coming in this game.

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Kyle could always claim that he didn’t know about Alyssa being the replacement nominee, but we need to see whether Alyssa believes it or not. There are several possibilities and potential twists in this game. Without thinking too much about it, we can just hope to see a fun game today, and also, we can see a rebel against Jasmine as she was using the excuse of her birthday for getting everything in the house.

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