Big Brother 24: August 17 Episode Recap – Veto Competition Ending With Twists

America’s one of the biggest and hottest TV reality shows is Big brother. The show has been on air for so long and has various different versions in different countries, one of them being India’s Bigg Boss. The show follows a group of people living together under the same roof while being monitored by dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones taking account of their every move 24×7 for 90 days. Every week the house members get to decide who will stay in the house and who will be kicked out. And finally, only one person can win the grand prize of $500,000.

Big Brother 24 : Today’s Episode Recap

On tonight’s episode of BB24, the elimination drama continued. The house members wind ahead in the backyard for the latest Power of Veto (POV) competition. And this time the Prizes & Punishments were too good to see.

This week is very important for all of the guest members because it was Jasmine’s birthday week. However, members tried to give punishments in this competition to Jasmine, and the end result was the wraith of our sweet little princess Jasmine.

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But she is not the only one who started a new drama. We also see Taylor struggling to focus on a target. For her, this POV competition what’s the perfect opportunity to develop reasons and target another house member. In simple words, the battle competition was fully on fire. Now it’s time to see who has won the competition and who will be this week’s final nominees.

Tonight’s episode was no doubt full of split house drama and some fiery twists. Well, it’s not something that BB fans have not seen already. However, one thing is for sure tonight’s competition will make a huge difference and change this week’s final nominee list.

If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Big brother season 24 or want to know spoilers of previous episodes, then you can stream it on HBO Max or follow us for more updates. Episode 18 of this season will be released tomorrow so go and binge watch!

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