Big Brother Season 24 Episode 19 Recap: Show’s First Split House Twist and the Top 10 Houseguest

Previously on BB season 24, episode 18, Indiana “Indy” Santos got eliminated by a 7-to-1 vote. Now the house of big brother only has ten members remaining.

The 10 remaining houseguests are, 

  • Alyssa Snider
  • Brittany Hoopes
  • Jasmine Davis
  • Joseph Abdin
  • Kyle Capener
  • Matthew “Turner” Turner
  • Michael Bruner
  • Monte Taylor
  • Taylor Hale
  • Terrance Higgins

Julie Chen Moonves divided the members into two groups of 5 for the show’s first-ever split house twist. This means this time there will be two heads of household, two sets of nominees, two Veto competitions/meetings, and two evictions.

Michael and Terrance – The Two HOH – Episode 19 Recap

  • Michael became HOH of the Big Brochella indoor group
  • Terrance became HOH of the Dyre Fest outdoor group

In tonight’s episode, it was Michael who picked members for his Big Brochella indoor group first. After him, it was Terrance’s turn. He had to deal with the leftovers, and soon enough, he became a huge threat because he was the first non-member with power. Michael first chose Jasmine since she was on his Target list. After that Terrance picked up Turner. And then Michael picked Brittany, Taylor, and Monte; on the other hand, Terrance invited Alyssa, Joseph, and Kyle to join.

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Now inside the house, Brochella started their week with a pizza and beer party upstairs. Dyre Fest was in the backyard. If only staying in the backyard was enough, the leftovers Kyle, Joseph, and Turner were all getting afraid of this week’s eviction. This is the highest chance that one among them could get eliminated. Especially Kyle since he may have to vote against the leftover members.

Meanwhile, Terrance has already planned to use Turner as his main advisor for the week and has assured him to keep him safe at all costs. So his main targets right now are Kyle and Joseph.

BB24: The Nomination and Eviction

On Brochella’s side, Michael and Jasmine started discussing the plans for this week. She tried to convince Michael that Monty should be up for this week and use her birthday week as an excuse for why she shouldn’t be nominated. However, Michael has something else in his mind. He wants to put Jasmine up for eviction. Monte, Taylor, and Brittany got worried over their other members who are not under Terrance.

And now in the outdoors, Turner told Terrance to pick Alyssa and Kyle for nomination as they are in a showmance. But he has already told Alyssa that his actual target is Joseph instead. He also told her that he would keep Alyssa for this week. Terrance also talked with Joseph and told him to go against Alyssa and Kyle. But Joseph is not a person who can trust Terrance easily. Things escalated quickly when Joseph talked to Alyssa and told her about Terrance’s plan. It’s most likely that Terrance will use Kyle as a pawn. On the other hand, Kyle told Alyssa to join the leftovers.

Michael used Monte as his pawn since Monte volunteered himself. Monte already knew that he would get nominated for this week. That’s why he tried to make peace with Michael for the future. At the end of the episode,

  • Michael named Monty and Jasmine for the eviction
  • Terrance picked Joseph and Turner

And now, even when the inside of the house remained quiet, the backyard was getting tenser. Big brother Season 24 episode 20 will hit on 24 August, Wednesday.

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