Big Brother Season 24 Episode 20 Recap: Split House Dilemma Continues

The Split House Twist and two separate Veto competitions have made big brother house even hotter. This week was the show’s first-ever Split House Twist, where the house was divided indoors and outdoors.

The indoor group, the Big Brochella, got Michael Bruner as the HOH (Head of Household), and the outdoor group, Dyre Fest, got Terrance Higgins as its HOH. For the nomination round, Michael made Jasmine Davis his target. While Terrance set his eye on Joseph Abdin. And with so many things going on, everyone is excited to see who’s going to win this week’s separate and simultaneous Veto competitions.

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Big Brother Season 24 Episode 20

In tonight’s episode of Big brother season 24, Kyle’s dilemma of choosing between his alliance and his showmance is in a full nutshell. Joseph thinks that Kyle and Turner will keep him since Terrance has been lying to him that his real target is Kyle. But Kyle had already entered survival mode, and Turner was also nominated and he believes Terrance lies about his plan.

Meanwhile, Turner wants to play the game with Kyle and Alyssa since he has faith in Alyssa. That’s why they all decide that it’s better to pick Joseph and throw Joseph under the bus. Even though the other leftovers may react to this badly, for them, it is worth taking the risk.

On the other hand, the inside of the house is going smoothly for everyone, especially for Michael. He has set his eye on Jasmine and badly wants her to go away. Monte is also standing next in the line. Tonight Tiffany Mitchell from season 23 hosts the POV comp inside the house.

  • The first and second rounds are all Brittany’s, and Taylor is eliminated. Then it is Monte who gets eliminated.
  • In the third round, there is a draw between Jasmine and Brittany. But after that, Brittany wins the Veto.

After the Veto, Jasmine and Brittany talk about kicking Monte out of the house. But even though it seems at first that Brittany is on the same page, it is pretty clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jasmine. While Kyle and Alyssa are in the Dyre Fest comp, still gossiping about leftovers.

BB24 Setting up Comp

It’s now time for setting up comp using pieces that dropped from parachutes. A simple comp transferred 50 stacked to-go containers across the yard while using strategy and balance to keep them from toppling in groups of 10 on five posts. The two groups now hold 2-for-2, and Terrance has an even greater advantage. Joseph tries to do everything he can to play a good teammate and help Kyle stay on the good side of Terrance. And finally, later in the episode, Joseph learns that Kyle has been playing all along and wants him to get kicked out.

It will be exciting to see this week’s elimination round since Joseph now knows the true colors of Kyle. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on BB Season 24.

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