Ozark Season 5: Will Ozark return for a 5th season? – The Plot & Release Date Info

If you ever make a list of top crime drama shows, Ozark will definitely be in the top 5. Ozark is American crime and drama series filled with thrill. Ozark impresses us multiple times with its interesting storyline. IMDb has given it an 8.5 out of 10 ratings. Season 4 was released in two parts, the first part broke several records, and the second part received favourable reviews from both audience and critics.

However, there are rumours about Ozark Season 5, to find out all there is to know about Ozark’s fifth season, read the entire article.

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The Plot of Ozark

Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) have been on one crazy ride after another since they moved with their family from Chicago to the Ozarks. Even though he was able to save his life, connections to Ozark were unavoidable because of what he had gone through.

He brought the whole family with him, even though his marriage to his wife had already crumbled in front of our eyes. Although she essentially did not try to hide the fact that she had cheated on him, she still sought refuge in a little-known aspect of God in order to save her son.

As Martin settles into his new home, he is frantically thinking of ways to get back all the money that was taken from the drug cartel during his years of service.

Was Season 4 The Ending of Ozark?

Season 4 was always meant to be the finale—a fitting conclusion—but that much is still up in the air. Does this conclusion hold true? Sure. Does this imply that the show won’t have any more seasons in the future? Really, who knows?

Who’s to say that Team Ozark would turn down a revival series or even a movie from Netflix or another streaming giant in ten years? It will be very interesting to see the return of the Netflix Original series.

Will Ozark Return for the 5th Season?

Presently, no. The fourth season of Ozark was always intended to be the series finale, which is the main reason it was eventually lengthened and split into two parts. This was done to give the show’s creators the extra time they needed to finish the task they had started.

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Release Date of Ozark Season 5

As far as we are aware, there is still a chance that the show will return for another season. The fifth season of Ozark could premiere on Friday, April 28, 2023, if the most recent episode schedule is to be believed.

18 thoughts on “Ozark Season 5: Will Ozark return for a 5th season? – The Plot & Release Date Info

  1. Ozark was outstanding. Homeland was my number one series of all time, but Ozark came so close. We need more.

  2. I think a spin-off should be called …
    The Chicago Byrds
    The Byrds of Chicago,
    As they move back to their hometown and continue working with/for the cartel.

  3. I loved Ozark. I watched it religiously but the last 2 episodes ruined the series for me. I literally devoted hours to watch a show that ended worse than I could have even imagined. I’m all done with Ozark!

  4. I absolutely loved Ozark and was absolutely shocked and sad that Ruthie got shot from the cartel lady that was actually on another show as the same character of a cartel boss!!
    My first shock was actually when Wyatt got shot along with Darlene!!
    And absolute favorite of mine

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Ozark it still remains the best crime drama of our times. However, Ruth was killed off on Season 4 and quite frankly though I’d love to see more of Ozark, I cannot imagine Season 5 without Ruth Langley. It wouldn’t be fair in my opinion.

  6. This show angered me, intrigued me and entertained the crap outta me, was so disappointed with that ending tho. They have to either mke a fifth season or a movie to end it properly..

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