Season 3 of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ is all Set for Release this Fall on SHOWTIME

A sequel to the famous LGBTQ series ‘L-World’ (2004-2009), ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ had already made a place among the audience when it first premiered in 2019. The show is now preparing for Season 3, production for which has already begun.

Makers reveal about intense plotlines and celebrity cameos this season after Season 2 ended with some nail-biting moments. Dani Nunez as Arienne Mandi, and Gigi Ghorbani, played by Sepideh Moafii, tried to work out their relationship when the former was arrested.

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Shane McCutcheon, played by Katherine Moennig, is already in a romantic relationship with Tess Van De Berg, played by Jamie Clayton. Better Porter as Jennifer Beals, is struggling to manage her life between her current girlfriend, Pippa Pascal, played by Vanessa Estelle, and her ex, Tina Kennard, played by Laurel Holloman.

The L Word: Generation Q Season 3 Cast

  • Bette Porter Played by Jennifer Beals
  • Shane McCutcheon Played by Kate Moennig
  • Alice Pieszecki Played by Leisha Hailey
  • Dani Nunez Played by Arienne Mandi
  • Gigi Ghorbani Played by Sepideh Moafi
  • Micah Lee Played by Leo Sheng
  • Sarah Finley Played by Jacqueline Toboni

Release Date for ‘The L-Word: Generation Q’ Season 3

The makers have already confirmed the release date for the show. The show is all set to be premiered on November 20, 2022. It will be a 10-episode season that viewers can stream on the Showtime app. It will be aired every week on Friday.

‘The L-Word: Generation Q’ Will be Dazzling with Stars

Besides the cast members who will be reprising their roles (mentioned above), many guest stars will be featured in this season. R&B star Kehlani Ashley Parrish will play the role of Ivy, a makeup artist and young mom Ivy struggling to find a good partner.

Joey Laure Adams, known for her role in ‘Chasing Amy’ will play the role of Taylor. Margaret Cho as herself will feature as a talk show host. Joanna Cassidy will be seen as Patty, who is a former Las Vegas showgirl and currently suffering from dementia, will play Tess’ mother.

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The show’s cast has posted several pictures on Instagram where they can be seen going on trips together as a team. Some pictures are also from backstage, where they seem to have fun.

The L Word Generation Q: Season 3 trailer has been released and can be seen below.

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