Big Brother Season 24 Grand Finale with Winner and Prize Money (BB24) – Live Updates

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If you are also a huge BB fan, just like us, then you must have been following BB24 from the very beginning. With lots going on over the past few weeks, the Big Brother 24 season finale is just about to hit. And while the fans want to see who’s going to become the next Big Brother winner and carry the grand prize home, the last Veto competition of this season remains. After the Veto, we will get to see the top three players.

Currently, in the house, we have four players, including,

  • Brittany
  • Monte
  • Turner
  • Taylor

Update: The Top 3 Houseguest are Monte, Taylor and Turner

This season was nothing but crazy. In the 7th week, host Julie Chen Moonves turned the house upside down and gave the biggest game-changing twist of the season, the split house drama. The remaining 10 houseguests were divided into two groups. We saw two double evictions and had to say goodbye to some of our favorite players. After last week’s eviction, when Alyssa leaves the house for good, the end of the season is near. Check out this article to learn more about the BB 24 finale.

Big Brother 24 Grand Finale Air Date

The finale of Big Brother 24 will take place on September 25, 2022. Unlike every year, when the finale takes place on Wednesday, this year BB 24 winner will be announced on Sunday. The finale will be broadcasted live. The jury members will cast their votes alongside our beloved host Julie Chen Moonves for the game’s next champion. In the last week, Alyssa has become the newest to become a member of Jury.

Finale Week Events

  • Thursday, September 22 – Live Eviction
  • Friday, September 23 – Memory Lane
  • Friday, September 23 – Final HOH Round (anticipated)
  • Sunday, September 25 – Final Show

Big Brother 24 Winner Grand Prize

This year’s winner will take home a $750K grand prize with him/her. The prize money has just increased from last year. This means the competition will be more tense.

Big Brother 24 Winner Fans Prediction: Know the Top 3

After winning the last week’s HOH comp, Taylor has fully secured her seat in the top final 3. Meanwhile, Monte won last week’s Veto competition, which means Monte will sit next to Taylor. Now for 3rd player of the final three is still undecided.

Big Brother 24 Top 2 Contestants

The Veto competition will happen this Wednesday. The one who will win the comp will go to the final. Will it be Brittany or Turner? Fans are already making their predictions on Twitter and other social media platforms about who will win this week’s Veto and HOH comp.

We now know that Monte is planning to win the comp and save Turner and put Brittany under the bus. However, some fans are predicting that Brittany may just become one of the final three. However, it will be a big change to see a man’s or woman’s color to win this year’s Big Brother, which means Monte or Taylor. To know more about BB24 final and episode recaps, follow us.

Big Brother Finale Updates: Top 2

Monte took the final lead and beat Turner, 7-5 to be in the Final 2. While Tuner and Taylor went to Monte to put their case,

Loyalty over Royalty, says, Turner


If you sit next to me, you know its an easy win, says Taylor


Monte decides,

He decides to evict Turner! So, the Final 2 are,

  • Monte
  • Taylor
monte and taylor bb24 finalist

BB 24: Taylor and Monte Answer the Jury: Voting is Complete

Monte tells Jury that, his biggest move in the game was evicting Turner and on the other hand Taylor tells Jury that, “I’m not a shield, I am a sword”. Both the houseguest have bled out for the competition and its time for the WINNER! The 9 member Jury has cast their votes.

Taylor Hale is the Winner of Big Brother 24. She is the first Black Women in the history of the show to win the competition.