Twitterati votes for Taylor to be the winner of Big Brother 24 – Checkout the Poll Results

We are eventually down to the finale of Big Brother Season 24 and Twitterati has already chosen their winner. The top 3 finalist of the show are, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor and Matt Turner. Lets see the Poll results of Big Brother 24,

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Big Brother 24: Taylor Hale Bio

Taylor Hale Big Brother

Age: 27
Hometown/Current City: West Bloomfield, Michigan
Occupation: Personal stylist

A fun fact, Taylor is the only female on Big Brother 24 to win multiple HOH competitions – Week 2, Week 6 and Week 11. She currently has a huge fan support across Social Media and is anticipated to win the Big Brother season 24 title along with the prize money.

Big Brother 24: Matt Turner Bio

Matt Turner Bio Big Brother 24

Age: 23
Hometown: North Attleborough, Massachusetts
Current City: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Occupation: Thrift store owner

Turner was always voted with the majority, while in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 24: Monte Taylor Bio

Monte Taylor Big Brother 24

Age: 27
Hometown/Current City: Bear, Delaware
Occupation: Personal trainer

Well, Twitterati is pretty clear with their choice and hopes to see Taylor win the Big Brother season 24. Whom are you supporting?

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