Big Brother 24 Episode 25 Recap: Who Got Evicted this Weekend?

Last Sunday, Big Brother 24 came up with an amazing and entertaining episode. If you missed this exciting episode of the show, go through the highlights of the episode here.

On that day, the episode started with the competition for HOH, where all players were racing across the yard to collect the puzzle pieces. Everyone was trying hard as they got the chance to reign over the house.

  • Michael won the competition as his third HOH of the season alongside an 8th comp victory.
  • Brittany finished second.

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Though Michael was really happy to win the competition, he knew that he needs to win every single competition to survive the rest of the season. Keeping all his thoughts aside, he celebrated his win with Brittany in the pantry. Later, Taylor also joined the celebration as three of them managed to make it to the top six.

On the other hand, Alyssa shared her loneliness due to the absence of Kyle. We also saw Alyssa and Taylor catching up in the bedroom, where Taylor consoled her. We also saw that Monte and Terrance realized that Michael is going to play every Veto for the rest of this season, and they are determined to make him win.

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Big Brother 24 – Roasting Session

Also, the wait ended last Sunday as Zingbot had finally arrived, and he was all set to roast the houseguests.

After the roasting session, we got to see some planning going on, as Monte knows that he is not going to make it to the top two if both Michael and Brittany stay in the game. So, he went to Tylor and both of them decided that they are going to win one Veto and get rid of one of them. It was also clear in the last episode that Brittany has no intention of taking out Michael, and she even said everything she is spilling to Taylor in the diary room. She also believed that Alyssa is going to help her relax, whereas she was trying to hypnotize her.

Later in the show, Alyssa broke down in tears in front of Michael, saying that she was feeling useless in the show. On the other hand, Michelle assured Turner that Terrance and Alyssa would go on the block, and in this case, Terrance would be the target.

Big Brother 24 – Who was Nominated?

The episode reached the end with the nomination ceremony. Michael nominated,

  • Terrance
  • Alyssa

We also clearly saw that Brittany wanted to evict Turner.

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