Big Brother Season 24 Episode 26 Recap: Who’s going Home this Week – Terrance or Alyssa?

Previously on big brother, Kyle Capener got kicked out of the house by a unanimous vote, and Michael Bruner won the Head of Household competition for the third time. He then quickly nominated Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider. It was supposed to be Matthew “Turner” Turner, but our HOH had previously promised Turner that he would be safe for this week. This week’s Veto episode is round the clock. And it will decide whether Terrance and Alyssa will get nominated or someone else will replace them.

BB24 Episode 26 Recap

Today on the 26th episode of Big Brother, we saw Terrance getting disappointed because it was his fifth time on the block. He and Brittany both thought that Michael would break his promise and put Turner on the block. However, Michael’s decision to choose Terrance was no mere coincidence. He told Alyssa that he does not wish her to go home, and today’s Veto competition could be a good way to replace her with someone else. But wants Terrance to be on the block.

Meanwhile, Turner went to Michael, hoping he could throw Terrance under the bus about the backdoor plan. But Terrance already told Michael that he is no longer a threat. We guess that Michael only heard him not denying the backdoor plan. After that, finally, Turner talked to Michael about their tiny little plan. Turner kept on insisting that it was all Terrance’s idea and that he was the one pushing for it. But Michael didn’t buy a word.

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Big Brother 24 Episode 26 Veto Competition

On the other hand, tonight’s Veto competition finally began, and the remaining 7 players need to pick members for the Veto competition. Michael tagged along with Monte, and Alyssa picked Brittany. Meanwhile, Terrance chose Taylor. Turner remained as a replacement in the house.

Then we saw Brittany telling Terrance that her game is also the same. She wants Turner to go home since his games have been exposed. And she can be Michael’s ear if needed to put up “a bigger threat” as a replacement if the Veto gets used.

Now coming to this week’s Veto comp, the house members got to compete in the legendary BB Comics challenge. All they have to do is fly by a window wall while searching for clues in BB Comics covers. Then they need to put those covers for each houseguest in order. If they use the correct covers, it would reveal a unique URL.

The comp began,

  • Terrance finished with a score of 25:19
  • Alyssa with 13:37
  • Taylor with 12:13
  • Brittany with 13:35
  • Monte with 13:58
  • Michael with 9:06

And it’s another win for Michael. In the history of Big Brother, he became the only person to win the POV for the 6th time. And now he has the power.

Now he will decide what he wants to do with his power. Michael has a lot of options to choose from. However, he decided not to use the power of Veto. He thought it would be best to stick to his old plan. This means Alyssa and Terrance still remain on the block for this week’s eviction. Now, who’s going to get evicted?

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