Big Brother Season 24 Episode 24 Recap: Kyle’s Game is Finally Over – Meet the Top 8 Housemates

We are now heading towards the eighth eviction episode of “Big Brother 24. Previously on Big Brother’s episode, Michael won the Veto competition, and as the winner, he got to choose one member among the house who could be secure from this week’s elimination. But who will it be? Brittany Hoopes or Taylor Hale? Our HOH of this week, Turner, now has to find a new target since his main target was Michael.

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Big Brother 24: Top 8 Housemates

For this week, who’s going to be Turner’s new target? And who ended up having a small talk with Julie Chen Moonves at the end of the episode? In tonight’s episode, Michael becomes ‘Big Brother’ royalty due to his record of winning the Veto competition 5th time in a row. The 8 remaining members of the house remain, including,

  • Alyssa Snider
  • Brittany Hoopes
  • Kyle Capener
  • Matthew “Turner” Turner
  • Michael Bruner
  • Monte Taylor
  • Taylor Hale
  • Terrance Higgins

It’s the 58th day of the big brother house. The effects of the Split House twist are still underway. In the previous episode, we saw everyone isolating Kyle, and Kyle had an emotional breakdown at the end. Today’s episode starts with the pain of betrayal. The members come together in the big hall to talk about the uncomfortable truth and what is going on in everyone’s minds. Kyle starts talking and apologizes beforehand for what he’s about to say.

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Michael tells everyone what Kyle has told him and Britney. Kyle then says that he and Turner have already planned a final two, and their alliance will be Brittany and Alyssa. Kyle blamed Michael for going around and not coming forward. Terrance then commented that if he knew about all of this, he would have never put Joseph on the block. It would have been Kyle instead. Taylor regrets too much for trusting him, and though she doesn’t hate Kyle as a person, she is unable to pardon him for his actions. Kyle closed his speech by saying he is ready to leave the house this week,

“I have a lot of growing and work to do as a person.”

Episode 24 Recap: Kyle’s Eviction

Meanwhile, the Veto competition winner has now been declared. And at the Veto ceremony, Michael picks Brittany and keeps her safe from this week’s eviction. On the other hand, Turner replaces her with Kyle. The meeting closed with Taylor and Kyle getting nominated for this week’s eviction. Kyle has finally lost the game. He requests the other members to let him be social. Alyssa now no longer wants to be together with Kyle inside the house, and we all know exactly why.

He goes to Monte and completely breaks down in tears. Monte is still furious about Kyle’s lies. However, in the end, they finally hug each other and sort things out. At this point, Monte knows it’s no use since Micheal is dominating the entire game, and he may also win it.

In the eviction round, Kyle gives his emotional speech and gets evicted by a vote of 5-0. At this point, we all felt his pain. The episode ends with Julie announcing that Zingbot will make a comeback on Sunday. Plus, there will be a double eviction on Thursday, September 8 as well. But before that, the members will get to play more new games, “Burning Bot”. So stay tuned.

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