Big Brother Season 24 Episode 23 Recap: Leftovers are now over, is Kyle going home this Week?

With the previous week’s elimination round, the leftovers are now in a tough situation. Big Brother season 24 is halfway through, dominated by this alliance, and they made the halfway point of the game. However, this time the leftovers may get some critical hits due to this week’s HOH Matthew “Turner”. Turner has made his alliance with Kyle Capener and Monte Taylor who practically aim for the other three, Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Michael Bruner.

In the previous week, he revealed that his main target for this would be Michael. So now it all depends on who’s going to win the impending Veto competition. In episode 22, the group reunited once again inside the house. Let us recap all the juicy details from yesterday’s episode.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 23 Recap

In yesterday’s episode, Turner revealed that he lied in his nomination speech. Joseph told him Michael was also in the Final 4 deal along with Brittany and Taylor. On the other hand, Kyle is now safe, thanks to his two alliances. Back in the HOH room, Brittany told Turner that she never had any convo with Joseph about any Final 3 deal, and Turner assured her that she’s not his target. Later he talked to the camera and claimed that Michael would be his backdoor plan.

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Meanwhile, in the Have-Not room, Turner says sorry to Michael for putting his friends on the block. And Michael replies to that by saying even if one of the girls has to go home this weekend, his game is yet to be over. Turner tells him that he’s not thinking of putting him on the block. And to which Micheal says  “I have a bad feeling this week,”

On the other hand, the Pound and Alyssa meet in the HOH room. They all talk about leftovers and Joseph. Later, Monte and Taylor think that Dyre Fest survivors are deliberately blaming all on Joseph since he’s not around to defend himself.

Big Brother 24 Veto Ceremony

Turner doesn’t want Michael to get picked for the Veto because he has already won four of these things. And soon, The Veto drawing ceremony begins,

  • Turner picks Alyssa
  • Taylor picks Monte
  • Brittany chooses Michael

How dramatic! Turner passes a comment by saying “worst case scenario”.

There’s even more. The Veto competition winner can get to watch an advance screening of the movie and can bring 3 people with them. On the show, Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner came to promote their new gay rom-com called “Bros.”

And the game begins. The game is simple enough. It’s a classic slip ‘n slide challenge. So there are movie posters all over, and some popcorn and a soda machine, and the players need to transport rose wine from one side of the backyard to the other while walking over a slippery runway. Whoever gets to fill up their box fastest will win. The house members are now slipping and falling over the floor. And just like the other Veto competition, Michael is in the lead. And even though Turner tries his best to win, Michael takes the victory. Well, we all get to see a good montage of everyone falling. Michael chooses Turner, Alyssa, and Taylor to watch Bros ‘ screening along with him.

Who goes out this week?

Meanwhile, a grim shadow falls on Monte. Since Micheal has won the Veto, Turner may go after Monte for this week. But Brittany and Michael want to block Kyle. So he talks with Monte and Taylor in the Have-Not room.


They planned on kicking Kyle out of the game. Michael later talks with Alyssa and then tells Turner about everything.

Kyle is truly alone. The episode ends with Kyle going to the Diary Room. He breaks down emotionally and says he never imagined that “the hint of race” would become a factor. Watch all the previous episodes of Big Brother season 24 on CBS and stay tuned for the next episode.

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