Taylor Hale Becomes the First Black Woman to win America’s Big Brother Reality Show and Delivers an Epic Speech

As the first Black woman to win Big Brother, personal stylist and former Miss Michigan USA 2021, Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale made history. Taylor delivered a stirring speech describing her persistence in the face of hardship before the judges who voted in her favor, making her the winner of Season 24 of Big Brother.

Taylor Hale
Pic from official Taylor Hale Instagram Account

Quick Facts

  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
  • Current City: Detroit, Michigan
  • Occupation: Personal Stylist

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How much did Taylor Hale win?

She is also the first contestant who has been voted not just the champion but also America’s ‘favorite houseguest’. Hale took home a grand prize of $800,000. This was the 24th Season of America’s Big Brother.

Monte Taylor was the other finalist besides Taylor Hale in this reality show. The former had won the Head of the Household competition and decided to keep Hale till the end with him for the finale. Little did he know that Hale would beat him to the first place! Monte Taylor is Black too – another milestone in the history of Big Brother where two Black people were the final houseguests.

Taylor Hale Voting Count

Hale received eight votes against one after she delivered a speech before the judges. Viewers consider Hale’s speech to be one of the best closing arguments ever delivered on Big Brother.

Hale said,

“I have overcome so much in this game, and I’ve come to understand that I am not a shield. I am a sword. I am not a victim. I am a victor.”

Taylor Hale

During the course of the competition, Hale survived the chopping block six times. She also faced bullying when some contestants formed an all-white alliance against her.

Taylor Hale’s Epic Speech

She revealed before the judges that she was the strongest person on the show. She always believed in herself and never gave up and refused to give up on the night of the finale even though she was standing against a tough competitor, said Hale.

Earlier, CBS had promised to increase the representation of Indigenous people, Black, and BIPOC (people of color) to 50% in all their shows, including Big Brother.

Hale also revealed that her purpose of participating in this show was not just to make a name for herself but also to let all future Black women contestants of Big Brother know that they can participate in the game show  and win it too, without being harassed or bullied.

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