WhatsApp Video Status – Picture in Picture Mode, Private Replies, New Invite all set to roll out soon

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Your favorite messenger, WhatsApp has released some new features like Picture in Picture Mode, Private Replies, Tap to Unblock and New Invite in its Beta version which will be rolled out soon to the public.

Whatsapp Beta Picture in Picture Mode

WhatsApp New Features

  • Picture in Picture Mode
  • Private Replies
  • Tap to Unblock
  • Shake to Report
  • New Invite via Link Shortcut

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture or PiP enables users to multitask by giving a separate floating window. A new icon will pop-up which will let the user to switch to the Picture-in-Picture mode during the video call which can easily be resized as well.

Private Replies in WhatsApp

This feature comes as an add-on which you might have experienced during your tech calls on Go-to-Meeting. The Private Replies feature lets the user to reply privately to a group message which other members of the group can’t see.

Tab to Unblock

The unblocking has never been this easy. Once the feature is rolled out, you can simply touch and hold the contact to unblock him/her. Unblocking made easy with WhatsApp now!

Shake to Report Feature

Another interesting feature added to WhatsApp wherein you can simply shake your phone to report an issue. The feature is already available in the Beta version of WhatsApp  2.17.437. This feature however is expected to be for the Beta testers only as per the sources.

New Invite via Link Shortcut

The group admins can now simply share a link to non-members via the link shortcut invite feature to add them in the group. This feature will be rolled out for the iOS version first.

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