WhatsApp Business App in India

WhatsApp business app has already made its way for easy communication between companies and clients, in India. It will offer the small businesses to interact with its customers and clients in a more easy and flexible way. Last year Facebook had announced the WhatsApp business app which would be launched in collaboration with companies like BookMyShow, Netflix and MakeMyTrip.

The app first made its debut in markets of Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States of America in Friday. Before the public release, the app was tested in India and Brazil.

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App Compatible devices

WhatsApp Business App is finally available so the companies and clients will enjoy better and easy communication. The good news is that it doesn’t charge you. The business App is available for free download in Google Play Store in India. It is said that the WhatsApp Business App will run on Android device of 4.0.3 and above. It is expected that the same app with same features would soon be available for Apple iOS devices in the near future.

WhatsApp Business App FeaturesWhatsApp Business App Features

The WhatsApp Business App basically targets small business apps so that the customers can easily contact the companies in a platform that has 1.3 billion users. The business app won’t focus on any personal details and would be completely business centric.

The business firm will be required to fill up a detail about the description of business, email or store and addresses and website (if any). It will also allow the business firms to send out fast replies for any asked queries by using the quick reply features.

On various occasions the business would have the flexibility to send out greetings and wishes to customers even when the firm is busy. The firm will also have the option to send out and receive messages on desktop.

WhatsApp Business App also aims to mark some business accounts as official or confirmed ones in the coming time.

Similarity between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business App

Just like WhatsApp allows you set up privacy for the required detail, the WhatsApp Business App would also give you the flexibility to set up a privacy for your profile. The App also consists of Live location feature which will ensure that the company can share their live location with the customers. The firm will also have the flexibility to make voice and video calls. Like WhatsApp, the business app also allows the “end-to-end encryption” feature for messages.

As per the official data of WhatsApp made last year in February, there are approx. 200 million active users of WhatsApp in India. This messaging app is making a huge market by giving a tough competition to its competitors. It has introduced various features like Delete for Everyone, YouTube Integration and Notification Channel Support for the Android Oreo Devices. WhatsApp is working on expanding its horizon and aims to introduce more advanced features in the near future. In the coming times, it may also introduce the integrated UPI payment feature.

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