How to remove Holi colours from face?

how to remove holi colors from faceThe festival of colours is just around the corner and it’s time that we make ourselves ready for it. Get on your clothes that you wished to discard and set out. While every one of us enjoy it, our biggest concern every year happens to be “How to remove Holi colours from Face?” It’s the time we should protect our skin while equally enjoying the festival.

These colours can be harmful if not taken care of properly.  Before, you get yourself all coloured, here are a number of natural ways that can help you remove Holi colours from your face.

  1. Rinse your face with Cold Water

Apart from washing your face and body with hot water to remove Holi colours, the first thing you should do after getting your face coloured is splash some cold water over the coloured areas.

  1. Use Lemon

Since lemon is rich in citric acid, it can play an important role to lighten the Holi colours. Apply the lemon and honey mask of equal proportion, all over the coloured areas to lighten them quickly.

  1. Papaya paste

A mask of honey and papaya along with Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) can also help in removing the Holi colours. Continuously applying this paste to your coloured areas will surely lighten the colours and gradually remove them.

  1. Apply mild cleanser

Do not try to scrub your face continuously with soap. It may lead to skin dryness and rashes. Use a mild cleanser to get rid of these stubborn Holi colours. To get rid of skin irritation, you can also add few drops of rose water and honey to some calamine powder and stir it well to make a paste. Apply it to your face and leave for some time. After drying up, wash it up with warm water and use some moisturizer on your skin.

remove holi colors naturallyCan coconut oil remove Holi colours?

This normal kitchen ingredient can help you to get rid of your stubborn Holi colours easily. Since coconut oil forms a layer on the skin, it can help to remove the colours easily. Also, it has the property to hydrate the skin, therefore, it is suitable for every skin type. If few drops of lemon juice is added to the coconut oil, it will act as a natural bleaching agent thereby helping to scrap off the colour easily.

Can milk be effective?

A paste of milk and besan mixture is often used to remove colours from skin. Make sure to apply a thick layer of this paste over your skin to gain effective results. After the paste dries off, rub it off the skin gently. By that time, the colour would stick to besan and will easily come off your skin. Lastly, use water of moderate temperature to wash you face and apply some moisturizer to completely take off the Holi colour.

Things you should remember

Here are a number of things you should remember in order to scrub off those obstinate and annoying Holi colours:

  • Do not use warm water initially, it will be tough to remove the colours. Instead, use cold water to wash your face.
  • Do not go for skin and hair treatments such as facial, bleaching and others as it may probe more danger to skin.
  • Soaked amchur powder can also help to get rid of these colours.

Make sure you take care of your skin and hair during Holi. Until then, Happy Holi.


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