Delhi CM Kejriwal announces launch of app to track beds for Hospitals

Several states such as Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat are the worst hit by Coronavirus. Every state is fighting their best to flatten the curve. Well, ever since the implementation of Unlock 1.0, everyone is trying their best.

The number of cases are rising with each passing day and steps are being taken to bring it down. Delhi CM, Kejriwal sealed off the borders and announced the launch of an application for the common people to find vacant beds at the hospital.

Kejriwal in a press conference referred to the measures being taken by the state government in the healthcare sector for making adequate arrangements related to beds, ICU facilities and hospitals in respect to the coronavirus patients of the city.

Kejriwal addressed the information gap between people and government regarding the vacant beds. Hence, the launch of the app will lead to filling the gap. Apart from this, one can also

  • Log on to to find the details for vacant beds.
  • Download the app from a Whatsapp link given by 8800007722.
  • Contact the helpline number 1031 to get easy access to the information.

As per the released information, the apps will be updated twice a day once in morning and evening depending on the status of vacant beds in the hospitals.

However, a number of patients have complained that the hospitals refuse to admit patients. Addressing this problem, Kejriwal said that if anyone comes under such a situation, they may reach out to emergency services in the helpline number 1031. The government authorities would immediately look into the matter and sort help for the patients.

Modi Promises Growth

Amidst the growing cases, Modi has promised growth to the country. While the nation fights global pandemic, the government is taking necessary steps from Unlock 1.0 to make everyone secure.

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