Top 10 Apps to have if you have an Android or an iPhone

2018 has been the year of technology with several new apps coming up each day; one better than the other. While these apps are simple and convenient, it has proved to be one of the best things to look forward to. The immense popularity of these maps were the talks of the towns. Some of these apps were just the perfect gaming apps, while some were only the best for technology information. Some of the prominent apps of 2018 were:

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Best Apps: Weather

Best App for Android

If you’re always concerned about the weather and looking forward to having more information about it, then 1Weather is the best weather app. The weather app shows the current weather conditions and forecasts that off for the next 12 weeks. It also lets you know about the various aspects. The widgets are customizable and very easy to use. The app will keep you notified about the approaching severe weather conditions. The minimal web design is undoubtedly one of the best features for this app. The free version includes all the necessary function. However, if you don’t want ads, you need to pay $1.99 as the charge.

Best Apps: Google Drive

Google’s app has always been the best for Android phones. The functionality and the effectiveness of these apps have never disappointed anyone. Google Drive lets the users enjoy the 15GB storage for free after signing up. The best feature is that all the efficient Google apps are a part of Google Drive.

Moreover, the other Android apps are attached to it too for user convenience. You can store all your pictures and documents with the files. One of the best features is the deep sharing and collaboration option, that lets the two users edit it simultaneously. Google Drive is pretty compatible with Microsoft Office too. You can use this app for several reasons.

Best Apps: Solid Explorer

One of the significant drawbacks of the new generation phones is that it does not allow enough exploring option. Every phone must have a file browsing option so that the experience of browsing through the files becomes easy. Solid Explorer is one of the best files explorer options. The features are extensively helpful such as Material Design, support and enhanced cloud services. The power user things are also a part of Solid Explorer. These may often include FTP, WebDAV, SFTP. It not only appears excellent but is extremely functional to use too. The users get the free trial period of 14 days. However, post that they need to pay a charge of $2.99 to keep on using it. Most Android users regard this as the best File Explorer app.

Best App on Android and iPhone: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Best App Android

The launcher apps aren’t quite attractive but Nova launcher is something that will surely grab your eyes. It is better than the other launcher apps. The Nova Launcher has maintained its position as the best launcher app since a long time. The developers keep on updating for better user experience, so you don’t necessarily need to change it. The application offers a number of benefits such as customizing home and lock screen, restoring the home screen, taking a backup of files and even more.There is a free version, but if you upgrade to the premium version, you will get access to more features.

Best App on Android and iPhone: YouTube

This is one of the best streaming services that you can try. With the extensive range to videos and music, you get to learn many things through it. The YouTube app is one of the most used apps every year all around the world. There are so many videos on YouTube that a lifetime would be short to watch them all. Plus, certain videos are free. You may come across specific videos that require you to purchase it. However, the prices are quite affordable too. YouTube Music has also been introduced along with YouTube that can dramatically improve the working.

Top App: Google Assistant

Google is one of those search engines that can offer you all the details in a significant time. The Google Assistant/ Search app available for the users is something to look forward to. Some of the mobile phones have inbuilt while some need to download it. However, it is a fee so the Android users can easily download it from Playstore. The Google Assistant will do anything that you ask it to do. Google has also introduced apps like Google Home and Chromecast that contribute towards enhancing user-experience. Although you will need to pay for the hardware, the software is free.

Top App for Android and iPhone: Swiftkey

Swiftkey is one of the most used and popular keyboard applications. About 250 million people use this app worldwide. Its artificial intelligence technology enables the user to use it more effectively. The keyboard has the prediction feature where it predicts what the user will be writing. The gesture typing fast input and autocorrect feature makes it extensively popular among everyone.

Moreover, the GIF feature is quite attractive too. Installing Swiftkey app to your phone helps to enhance your typing experience. It is listed as one of the most used Android apps.

Top App: Google Duo

If you are looking forward to a great, convenient video calling app, then Google Duo happens to be the best. The simple user interface of the app makes it easy for the users to make full use of it. The Login process is very simple with you only requiring to verify your number. It is handy for making a good quality video and standard calls. The knock knock feature of the app helps you to see the live activity of the caller before receiving the call. Both, iOS and Android users can use. It is free.

Top App: Google News

For people who cannot stay updated with the daily news of the world, Google News happens to be the best choice. It uses the AI technique, thereby keeping the users updated about all the recent news of the world. Google News was one of the most used and popular news apps for 2018. The app comes with a personalized “for you” tab which lets the users dive into the news of their personal choice. Moreover, there are options of full coverage too that can bring to your highlight about the same news by different publishers. This helps you to be familiar with the other perspectives too.

Best App all time: Whatsapp

Best app for android iphone

WhatsApp is free, ensures instant messaging and easy communication. What else do you want from a messaging app? All you will need to have is a proper internet connection so that the application does not hang. WhatsApp enables the users to send quick messages, share links, images, current location and so much more. After introducing the video call and stories feature, Whatsapp also launched the group video call feature earlier this year.

One significant thing is that you can communicate with your relatives in other parts of the world for free. Most people are often concerned about their security because of these apps, but Whatsapp is very secure. People can use it from the desktop too. It has also introduced the WhatsApp business app, the potential for the businesses. It allows the business owners to communicate by verifying their business and the feature of transferring money is available too.

2018 had been a great year for apps, and 2019 already has a lot in store for the users. Apart from the other mentioned apps, there were other apps too that drew everyone’s attention to it. One such application was PUBG gaming app or Xender and Shareit, the file sharing apps. All these applications had about millions of users around the world and made everyone’s work easier.

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