How to install Camera Fingerprint Lock in Jio Phone?

Jio Phone, launched by Reliance has proved to be one of the most famous and well-known phones. Although it looks very much like the other traditional phones, the features are sure to take anyone by surprise. One of the essential features of the phone has to be the 4G service. Apart from these, the users are also entitled to using basic apps such as camera, music, audio, and video.

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Camera Fingerprint Lock: Jio Phone Lock App

Jio Phone Camera Fingerprint Lock

Nowadays many people adopt different measures to secure their phones such as pattern lock, pin lock, and even fingerprint lock. This is done to protect the phone from the potential threat of losing any essential information. Our phones are the hubs for storing personal information such as phone numbers, photos and videos and things we do not want others to check.

You will need to be very specific while installing the fingerprint sensor in your Jio phone. The Jio phone does not come with any pre-installed fingerprint sensor. However, you can convert its camera into a fingerprint sensor and use it accordingly.

Steps to convert Camera into fingerprint lock

  • Switch on the internet connection of your phone
  • Visit the browser and go to Google.
  • Search for the fingerprint lock apk for Jio Phone. Few options will appear.
  • Click on Softonic website to download the software.
  • Download the fingerprint apk from the website. However, make sure to download the one that supports Windows phone because Jio isn’t inbuilt will Android.
  • Once the apk gets installed then make sure to run it and activate the settings to turn the camera to the fingerprint sensor.

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