Shark Tank India Episode 16 – Bamboo India, Flying Fur, Beyond Water and Let’s Try

India’s biggest business reality show Shark tank India is here to give a lifetime opportunity to budding entrepreneurs across the country. The show premiered its first episode on December 20, 2021, on Sony TV. Sharks of the show are the seven top under 40 entrepreneurs of India. The show already aired its 16th episode. As the show is progressing, audiences are seeing the rivalry between the sharks.

Let’s recap the 16th episode of this season. In today’s episode. The 4 ideas presented before the Sharks as follow:

Shark Tank India: Bamboo India

Bamboo India is a 100% bamboo toothbrush company founded by Ashwini Shinde, Yogesh Shinde from Pune. The company has produced more than 40 lacs toothbrushes and they have sold their products in over 18 countries and 2050+ Pincode in India.

Ask: Rs. 80 lakh for 4% equity

Company Valuation: Rs. 20 crores

Shark’s offers: The first person to step in was Aman Gupta, offering 20 lacs for 4% equity and 60 lacs as debt. Peyush offered 80 lacs for 20% equity. Meanwhile, Namita Thapar stepped out of the deal. Anupam and Ashneer proposed a joint offer of 40 lacs for 8% equity and 40 lacs as debt. And then Peyush and Aman offered 80 lacs for 20% equity. Ashwini and Yogesh bargain the offer by asking for 50 lacs 3% equity and 30 lacs as debt.

Anupam and Ashneer’s counter offer: 50 lacs for 6% equity and 30 lacs as debt. Peyush and Aman proposed 50 lacs for 5% equity and 30 lacs as debt. The rivalry got fired up when all the four sharks ended up proposing equal offers of 50 lacs for 4% equity and 30 lacs.

Closing deal: The deal was closed with Ashneer and Anupam’s offer of 50 lacs for 3.5% equity and 30 lacs as debt.

Shark Tank India: Flying fur

Founded by Jessica Madan, Akshay Gupta, Vaibhav Khanna from Delhi, Flying Fur is India’s biggest mobile pet grooming service with 14 tracks available in 8 cities.

Ask: Rs. 75 lakh for 7% equity

Company valuation: Rs. 10.71 crores

Shark’s offers: All the Sharks stepped out of this deal. 

Shark Tank India Judges Net Worth

Shark Tank India: Beyond water

Devang Singhania and Sacchi Singhania are the founders of Beyond water, India’s first liquid water enhancer that can make your water taste healthier.

Ask: 75 lacs for 4% equity

Company valuation: Rs.18.75 crores

Shark’s offers: While Ashneer, Anupam and Peyush stepped out of this one. Namita and Aman offered 50 lacs for 20% equity and the remaining 25 lacs for debt with 12% interest. And then their second offer was 75 lacs for 20% equity.

Devang asked for 75 lacs for 10% equity, but Aman rejected the offer and proposed a counteroffer of 75 lacs for 15% equity.

Closing deal: Devang went with Nimita and Aman’s last offer.

Shark Tank India: Let’s Try

Let’s try is an Indian snacks company founded by Nitin Kalra, Chitra Gupta, Neelam Kalra, Geetanjali from Delhi.

Ask: Rs. 45 lacs for 2% equity

Company valuation: Rs. 22.50 crores

Shark’s offers: Peyush, Ashneer, and Nimita stepped out.  While Anupam offered 25 lakh for 10% equity and 20 lacs as debt. Then Aman stepped into the deal too. However, Nitin refused to take on more debt since he had already taken on many debts for this company. Anupam then proposed 45 lacs for 15% equity.

Closing deal: The deal was closed with 45 lacs for 12 % equity.

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