Shark Tank India – The Biggest ask of Rs 300 Crores in Shark Tank’s History by Gopal’s 56

Gopal’s 56 is a very well know ice cream brand founded by Late Sh. Dinesh Chand Goyal . From selling an ice cream on stalls to building a brand, the founding story of Gopal’s 56 is truly amazing. Gopal’s 56 has started working on franchise model too. They have  5 outlets as of now.

The USP of Gopal’s 56 ice cream is that they are vegan and have probiotic features. They serve fibrous ice-creams which helps in reducing weight and cholesterol.  They have also started with their healthy ayurvedic version of ice creams loaded with ingredients like ashvgandha, tulsi, dalchini, brahmi.

Gaurav Goyal, chairman of Gopal’s 56 came to the Shark Tank with an ask of Rs 300 crores with 25% stakes as he wants to extend the business and set up Gopal’s 56 in international market too.  The company valuation as of 2021 is Rs 1200 crores. This left all the sharks stunned as it was a huge amount. They have around Rs crore sale per year with approx. 80 lakh profit.

Did Sharks invest in Rs 300  crores for 25% Stake?

Anupam Mittal said that this was the biggest ask in the history of Shark Tank. He even said that his belief is:

“Sapne humesha ashman me hone chaie par per zameen par(Dreams should be in the sky but feet on the earth)”.

Anupam said that the success idea should be in phases. He was not at all convinced with creating an inventory of Rs 300 crore all at once for visionary Rs 5000 crore business. He even added that every success story has 20 years in making and we should take smaller steps to reach the vision.

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Namita too was not convinced too as she believes that if ambitions are global , then it should be supported by scientific backup, reports, trials, experts etc .. as she herself hails from medical business background.

Ashneer Grover said that they all are shook with such a huge ask. He was not convinced with an idea of setting up internationally. Ashneer was of the view that focus should be first to get hold on Indian market and it would take 50+ years to do a sale of Rs 300 crores. He was not at all convinced.

Aman Gupta, said that valuation and business and their money is no joke. He explained the concept of valuation and how everyone grows who all have stakes.

Peeyush Bansal said this doesn’t seem to be investable.

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