Improving Relationship of North Korea and South Korea

Both the Korean countries, North Korea and South Korea have always been at disputes. The main reason behind these disputes are the division in their political parties. This difference due to political parties is termed as the Korean Conflict.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea belongs to North Korea and Republic of Korea belongs to South Korea. These two parties, despite their differences, claim the government of the entire peninsula. There is always a Cold War occurring between these two countries. During the Cold War, Soviet Union, China and other Communist states of the world backed North Korea whereas, South Korea was backed by United States and its allies.

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History of Division of Korea

Korea was divided into two parts back during World War II in 1945. This difference grew in 1950 after the Korean War. The war ended, but it’s after effects remained. The country was completely devastated and the division continued.

North and South Korea continued their difference but there were definitely clashes occurring periodically. However, this cold Civil war among these two powers (North Korea and South Korea) managed to survive the collapse of Eastern Bloc of 1989 to 1991.

North Korea South Korea relations

Improving: Korea Relations

Along with the onset of Winter Olympics seems like the relationship between North Korea and South Korea is seeming to improve. North Korea has decided to send delegations for the Winter Olympics that are to be held in South Korea.

North Korea has also agreed to talk with Seoul to decrease the military tension and improve their relationship a bit. The military tension between them is the biggest issue among these neighboring states.

Officials of these two nations met on Tuesday after more than 2 years. They met face to face in the border of Panmunjom. This area is known as “truce village”. It is located in the Korean peninsula and is a heavily demilitarized zone.

North Korea’s Preparations

North Korea is all prepared to send athletes, cheering squad, art troupe and visitor’s group, demonstration team for Taekwondo and press corps. Hence, North Korea is fully prepared to send high level delegation for the Winter Olympics.

Korea Improving Relations

Statements by both nations

After so many things, these two nation came together and announced military talks “to ease the current military tensions”, after a year of hostilities over North Korea’s missile and nuclear testing. The region was used for testing their various heavy machines. Missile and nuclear testing was performed. United States and South Korea also has military drills over this peninsula.

The statements issued by them read, “South and North Korea have decided to make joint efforts for the unity of the people and reconciliation by establishing an environment for peace and easing military tensions on the Korean Peninsula.”

The talks came into reality when North Korea’s leader Kim Jong UN in his New Year’s speech addressed that he would like his country to compete in the Olympics. Kim’s views made significant advancements of Pyongyang’s nuclear and long range missiles after a year of aggression.


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