Shark Tank India Episode 6 Streaming: Skippi IcePops, Menstrupedia Comic and Hecoll – Which one Grabbed your Attention?

The episode 6 of Shark Tank India saw some exciting business ideas as seen in other episodes last week. From IcePops to Menstrupedia Comic and Hecoll, we had it all. Here are the details of the episode 6,

Skippi IcePops

Both Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra, the co-founders came up with a very innovative idea targeting the kids primarily but the age group of 24-48 as well to some extent. Ice Pops made them remember their childhood but the problem with those ice pops was they were not natural, were made up of artificial colors and of all weren’t healthy at all. Their initial was Rs. 45 lakhs at a 5% Equity and what happened next can be read below.

More details here: Skippi IcePops get all 5 Sharks Investing

Menstrupedia Comic by Tuhin Paul and Aditi Gupta

Ask: Rs. 50 Lakh at 10% Equity

Menstrupedia Comic comes to the Shark Tank India with a new thought process and bringing a change in a girls life. Their target audience was all the girls between the age of 9 to 16 and it comes in 16 different languages.

Namita Thapar offered Rs. 50 Lakh at 25% Equity and Ashneer offered Rs. 50 Lakh at 22% Equity but with a change in concept and product. Ashneer offered them to change the product and lifecycle to Sanitary Pads as the primary product. Both the co-founders weren’t really interested in Ashneer’s offer.

The co-founders counter offered Namita Thapar at Rs. 50 Lakh with 20% Equity and Namita said YES! Congratulation guys, it’s a great deal!

Hecoll by Deepthi Nathala – Healthy Cover for all

Ask: Rs. 1 Crore at 1% Equiuty

Hecoll protects from 95% pollution and 99% UV rays, kills bacteria and viruses as well as per what Deepthi highlighted during the episode. It comes in 20 different types catering to different segments and is Eco friendly sustainable.

None of the Sharks invested but we can tell Deepthi, it’s a wonderful product.

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