Destination Fear is Back with more Eerie Destinations in Season 4 – Know the Release Date and Episode Info

Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Alex Schroeder, and Tanner Wiseman are back to chase some more horrifying paranormal activity in Season 4. The Season 4 episodes will be premiered on November 25 at 9:00 pm on Discovery+.

The four paranormal explorers will be pushing their boundaries of fear only to embrace the dark forces they have never encountered before. They will spend their night inside some of America’s haunted and sinister locations. 

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In Season 4, the four were in Europe to experience the hauntings. Dakota wants to explore even darker places with his team. It is not just the new locations, but he is also willing to put himself and the team through terrifying experiments in the haunted locations – he is removing flashlights from their backpack completely! YES, you heard it right, no more flashlights. The team will face the shadows of dark in the darkness.

This is just one of the many daring and unnerving experiments that Dakota and his team will be testing in this Season of episodes. 

There will be eight episodes in this season, and each will be an hour long. Some places that the team will be visiting to explore include,

  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Norwich State Hospital
  • Ashmore Estate
  • Cresson Sanatorium
  • Prison, Defiance Jr. High School
  • Old Historic Harriman Hospital
  • Mid-Orange Correctional Facility

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Here is a quick run-through of what you can expect from the episodes:

Cresson Sanatorium and Prison – Episode 1 and 2

In episode 1, Dakota and his team visit the Cresson Sanatorium, where the spirits of children and many others haunt the crew. In episode 2, the Destination Fear team visits the Cresson Prison. Can they handle a night in the cell block most horrific serial killers of America were imprisoned?

Defiance Junior High School – Episode 3

Dakota and his team are unceasingly harassed by spirits in a haunted school in Ohio.

Old Historic Harriman Hospital – Episode 4

There are many disturbing secrets in this haunted hospital in Tennessee.

Winchester Mystery House – Episode 5

A mansion so dark in the city of California is unlikely, yet this is one to be the most haunted places in the world.

Ashmore Estate – Episode 6

This is the legendary site of madness which the Destination Fear team swore never to come back. But yet, they are to delve into the walls where several dark secrets are buried deep.

Mid-Orange Correctional Facility – Episode 7

This is a juvenile detention center near New York village. Dakota Laden looks forward to establishing a close bond with the youthful spirits, but he doesn’t know what dangers he is about to face.

Norwich State Hospital – Episode 8

They saved the most haunted and insane place for the last. Demonic energies flow in this bleak psychiatric hospital located in the rural parts of Connecticut.

Watch the episodes of Destination Fear Season 4 to learn how the team survives these places.

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