Love During Lockup Season 2 is Back with More Romance between Inmates and Non-Cons – Know the Couples

‘Love During Lockup’ isn’t your common dating reality show. It is a show which allows the audience to witness the love between people who are outside with prison inmates. It is a WE Tv original show, and after completing Season 1, it is back with Season 2, which will feature even more entertainment, drama, and even some scandals.

The series is a franchise of ‘Love After Lockup’ and is all about how ordinary people who wish to pursue relationships with prison inmates. The show will feature an early dating period and the challenges each one faces. To keep their romance alive, the inmates and the non-convicts exchange letters, make expensive phone calls, make rare video visits, and there would also be prison proposals.

Season 2 of this series will feature four new couples who are willing to give their unusual romance a go. Here are the four new couples whom the audience will be watching this season.

Love During Lockup Season 2 Couples

Chelsea and Mike

Chelsea is deaf and found Michael in a Facebook inmate pen pal group. They have briefly communicated with each other on videograms and are looking forward to the first visit.

Emily and Dauri

Emily never expected to fall in love with an inmate, especially since she was pursuing her Master’s in criminal justice. She has been a pen pal of Dauri for the last four years and is yet to meet Dauri in person.

Melissa and Louie

Melissa’s prison pen pal happened to be her high school crush, Louie. She is madly in love with him and is willing to move to Georgia to be with her crush, who is an inmate.

Jessica and Dustin

Jessica had already undergone a messy divorce and was trying to get over her ex when she met Dustin. She sacrificed her career in Corrections Nursing and willing to move to Tennessee to be with Dustin after his release.

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There will be two more people in this series besides these four couples – Mark, who is from Las Vegas and is a wealthy businessman. He is looking for an incredible yet crazy woman who is just like him. He believes in establishing an emotional connection with one girl from the many prison pen pals he has.

Tai is back this season too. She seems to be attracted to the bad boys, and her friends just don’t seem to get the reason why? She is attracted to several inmates, and we are yet to learn who she thinks is the right man for her.

Where to Watch?

Season 2 of this series will premiere on October 21, 2022, on WE Tv and Fubo TV. There is a lot of entertainment in this season. Make sure you stream Love During Lock up Season 2!

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