Big Brother Season 24 Episode 30 Recap: Brittany Wins the Veto for Michael

Last time in Big Brother season 24, the double eviction of Michael and Terrence left everyone in shock, and soon the Head of Household comp, Brittany and Alyssa, became the target of Taylor, Monte, and Turner. They all put two ladies of the house on the block. Although Turner told Alyssa that she’s there merely just as a pawn.

Now moving on to tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Monte made himself clear that he doesn’t want the Veto to be used and that he is okay with whoever goes out. Previously, the three members of the house (Taylor, Monte, and Turner) allied to stay in the game. But it’s Big Brother, so everyone plays for themselves. And so Taylor must win tonight’s Veto competition to replace Alyssa with Turner.

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Later in the evening, Monte goes up to Brittany and tells her about her plan of making an all-girls alliance. She, however, completely disagrees with it by saying it was never anything real. She also says, “Turner can’t keep a secret for the life of him,” in the diary room. Monte wants Turner to be eliminated this week. He talks to him about how Turner wants to use Veto if he wins. And the answer that Turner gave was something everyone saw coming. He wants to kick Taylor instead.

Now inside the HOH room, everyone is discussing what they will do if they win the grand prize. Late in the night, when everyone felt asleep, Big Brother wakes everyone up and gives them a two-minute notice to go outside for the Veto competition. Everyone hurries up but Monte. He needs to take a shower since he always maintains a strict routine. And so he is now disqualified from the comp.

Big Brother 24: The Veto Comp

In this week’s Veto comp, players need to get a broken cuckoo clock working by attaching all 27 gears onto their puzzle board. And turn all the gears when they crank it. And now everyone is under pressure because this is a do-or-die situation. Monte watches everyone play from the sidelines and prays so that Brittany doesn’t win the comp.

But god’s had other plans. Brittany wins her fourth Veto competition of the season! Worst case scenario for Monte and Turner! After the win, she shouted, “That’s for you, Michael!” Everyone thinks this is some nightmare, which we also agree with. Now, in the HOH room, Brittany reveals her plan of putting Turner on the block. Taylor is also on her side for obvious reasons. Monte is not so bothered by Brittany anymore, and he assures Turner that they are going to stay.

Now, it is time for the big moment, the Veto meeting! Brittany uses the Power of Veto on herself to remove herself off the block. And Monte puts Taylor’s name as the replacement. And so Turner is safe and becomes one of the final four or maybe three? Will the next episode be another double eviction or not? Keep watching!

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