Big Brother Season 24 Episode 29: Michael’s Eviction Changed the Dynamics of the House

The audience witnessed a muddled double eviction in episode 29 of America’s television reality competition show, Big Brother. The show began with 20 house guests this season which has now been narrowed down to five. Michael’s eviction has changed several things for the other house guests, who are relieved that they wouldn’t be dominated by him any longer.

Big Brother 24: Michael’s Eviction

Each one had their own excuse for voting out Michael. However, before Michael’s eviction, the men had other plans. Turner, Monte, and Michael planned to vote out the women in the house and protect each other. Each of them had someone who could be their preferred target so the jury votes could be managed, and for Turner, it was Brittany. He was ready with his plan to evict Brittany. But when Monte won the veto, he immediately came to Turner with the thought of voting Michael out. This was a good chance to evict Michael because everyone knew they wouldn’t be able to beat him if he stayed.  

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With Michael gone, Brittany has lost her only ally. Turner and Monte are quite strong together, and both have good terms with Alyssa and Taylor. While Alyssa is pretty aligned with the two men, Taylor considers Turner to be a threat. She looks forward to winning the HOH so she can have him evicted.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 29: Who becomes the HOH?

The next HOH involves a competition where players need to barricade the doors to save themselves from a killer. The one who can make it in the shortest time becomes the new HOH. The time results were as below:

  • Brittany completed it in 15:24
  • Monte finished it in 15:15
  • Alyssa complete the task in 22:24
  • Taylor was unable to do the task and quit                     

Brittany was just 9 seconds late than Monte, which made him the new Head of Household. He won’t go after Turner or Taylor making Brittany and Alyssa his targets. So, during the nomination ceremony, he nominates Brittany and Alyssa for the eviction.

The house guests are chasing a whooping $750,000 cash prize that the winner of Big Brother Season 24 will be awarded. A couple of weeks to go for the finale. The audience will have a new winner for Big Brother, soon!

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