America’s Got Talent 2021 Finalists List – AGT Season 16 All 10 Contestants

AGT semifinals came to an end, and the finalists are ready with their performances to surprise the world. Below is the list of AGT 2021 finalists with their bio and performances.

AGT Finalist: Dustin Tavella

Dustin Tavella has been a professional magician for many years until now. He is from Virginia Beach in the United States. He is also a musician. But he comes to AGT to perform magic.  He sometimes blends music and magic and creates his style of art. He is also a YouTuber. He always amazes the judges with new and unique magic tricks.

AGT Finalist: Gina Brillon

The second finalist of the AGT is Gina Brillion. She is an excellent comedian who makes everyone laugh through her jokes. She has been in the field of comedy since she was 15 years old. She is both a poet and a writer. She always makes jokes around real-life situations that we find intimidating.

AGT Finalist: Jimmie Herrod

The third finalist of AGT is a singer. Jimmie Herrod is a Portland-based singer who practiced music for ages. He creates pure magic with his voice every time he comes on stage. He won the semifinals with the performance of “ Glitter in the air” by Pink.

AGT Finalist: Adain Bryant

Adian Bryant is an Aerialist from America. Even though he started practicing Acrobatics at 14 years, he developed his skills so far within 2 years. His semifinals performance impressed all the judges of AGT.

AGT Finalist: Josh Blue

Josh Blue is the second comedian finalist of AGT. This 42-year-old comedian is from America. Starting as a comedy blog writer, he grew his experience to excellence in comedy. He grew his talent all over the years to finally perform on AGT.

AGT Finalist: Northwell Health Nurse Choice

Northwell Health Nurse Choice is a team of Nurses from New York. They are not professional singers but nurses with a great passion for singing. They always perform inspiring sponges most beautifully.

AGT Finalist: Victory Brinken

Victory Brinker, 9 years old Pittsburghers singer. She is both talented and fearless at the same time. Her singing talent opened her gates for the finals now. She is the youngest finalist of all the members of AGT.

AGT Finalist: Brooke Simpson

American Singer Brooke Simpson started singing ever since she was 7. She performs Ed Sheeran’s Bad habits for this semifinals. She has a unique voice that can impress anyone.

AGT Finalist: Lea Kyle

Lea Kyle changes flip clothes in no time using her magic skills. She participated in other magic shows before coming to AGT. She changes the different clothes and their colors using some magic tricks within seconds.

AGT Finalist: World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo is a 22-member martial art team from different nations. Their performance is never less to perfection at any time. They always impress all the people and judges with their excellent skills. They crossed all the levels and are ready for finals now.

These are all the 10 finalists of America’s Got Talent. The AGT final winner will officially be announced on 15 September, 2021.

Who do you think would be the winner? Let’s wait until then to find the winner.

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  1. the only real talent this year is Victory, but this show isn’t about talent, but about hype and the judges, watch them perform tuesday she doesn’t deserve to win

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