America’s Got Talent Semi Finals 2021 – List of Contestants in AGT Season 16

America’s Got Talent just ended the quarter-finals and the semifinals began on August 31, 2021, on Tuesday. Here is the latest update of the top 21 contestants selected for the semifinals and will compete to win a total of $1 million.

Peter Rosalita

Peter Rosalita is a 10-year-old Philippines singer who crossed the quarter-finals and to the semifinals. He opened the semifinals of AGT 2021. All the judges were impressed by his diva voice and excellent performance.

Aidan Bryant

Aidan Bryant is an aerialist from Virginia. Even though he is 16-years old, his performance is not less than excellent. He set the stage on fire yesterday with his amazing performance. Simon calls it a gold medal performance.

Northwell Nurse Choir

Northwell nurse choir is a choir with well-versed frontline nurses from the Island of Newyork. They crossed quarter-finals with excellent performance are ready for the semifinals

1a Chord

1a Chord is a team of Tavis, Julian, and Christoff is a vocal harmony from northern California. All three were selected for the semi finals and are about to perform this week.

Dustin Tavella

Dustin Tavella is a 35-old magician. He is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He received a standing ovation from the judges for his performance in the semifinals last night and was expected to present in the finals as well.

Unicircle flow

Unicircle flow is from Japan and does Unicycling. They are ready once again to mesmerize the judges with their amazing performance in the semifinals.

Beyond Belief Dance Company

Returning with a wild after being eliminated, Beyond belief dance company performed excellently last night. All the judges were happy as they were back with the wildcard entry and were impressed by the performance of all 6 girls.

Tory Vagsay

Tory Vagsay is a 20-year-old singer from Florida with an excellent voice. She just finished her quarter-finals performance and is excited about her semifinals.

World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo is from California that performs martial arts. Their semifinals performance created a mind-blowing experience for all the judges. All of them are waiting to see them in the finals.

Korean Soul

Korean Soul is a singing group of 4 boys from Seoul, Korea. For this semifinals, they came up with an excellent song “you say” to enter the finals.

Gina Brillion

Gina Brillion is a stand-up comedian from New York. She is from New York and makes people laugh with her outstanding jokes. For this semifinals, she makes the judges laugh with excellent jokes about kids.

Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles who makes hilarious jokes to make people laugh. He completed the quarter-finals performance and is ready to make people laugh for the semifinals.

Brooke Simson

Brooke Simson is a singer from Los Angeles. She always impresses all people with powerful covers of famous singers.

Jimmie Herrod

Jimmie Herrod is a 30-year-old singer from Oregon. He sings “ Glitter in the Air” for his semifinals and is expected to be in the finals.

Josh Blue

Josh Blue is a stand-up comedian from Colorado. For the quarter-finals, he talks about his disability in the funniest way, making people laugh endlessly.

Lea Kyle

Lea Kyle is a magician from France who changes her dresses in no time. She surprises all the people every time she performs on the stage.

Peter Antoniou

Peter Antoniou is a mentalist from Seattle who always shocks the judges with his psychic abilities. 

Chap Kidz

Chap Kidz is a dance group from California that performs incredible dance performances every time they come on stage.

Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn Bailey is a songwriter and a singer from Los Angeles. She is also a Youtuber who is famous for the hate songs she wrote. She performed a breathtaking performance for her semifinals yesterday.

Victory Brinker

Victory Brinker is a 9-years-old opera singer from Pennsylvania. She sings beautifully with an incredible voice.

Micheal Winslow

Micheal Winslow is a voice tramentalist from Florida. Being 62 years, he never felt old to amaze people with his excellent talent.


Rialcris is an acrobatic team of 3 people from Columbia. They perform various incredible hand-balancing acts whenever they come on stage.

America’s Got Talent Semi Finals Results

They are all the semi finalists of AGT 2021. The results are based on Judges and people’s votes. Here is how to vote for your favorite AGT contestant. The results will be announced soon, so stay tuned. We will keep this space updated.

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