Tencent Games and Resident Evil 2 partner up to bring about the Zombie mode in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG has taken the market by storm and there are only a few people who aren’t addicted to the game. What keeps everyone hooked to the game is the wide range of updates and its unique mode of playing.

Each month, the game brings about some updates which gets the players hooked. The current update which the game had was the snow map update, in January. The players had been waiting for it, but now the news of upcoming update is getting everyone excited. The update is about Zombies, in partnership with Resident Evil 2.

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Zombie Mode PUBG: Final Update to release soon

The beta version for the 0.11.0 update rolled out recently and it marks the coming in of the zombies. The players since a long time had been waiting for this update. The full update for this mode will be released sometime between 1st February to 10th February, as per the reports of Mr Ghost Gaming, a YouTuber.

Tencent Games has joined hands with Resident Evil 2 for the zombie survival mode. In the game, it is recorded as Resident Evil: Sunset Mode. In this update, the players will have zombies coming to them in the levels. All the levels will keep on increasing.

Based on the map, the players will be getting the opportunity to pick up the supplies. They can also prefer picking up the supplies by killing the bosses of the Resident Evil 2. In order to survive, they will need to kill all the bosses to survive and the last person to live will eventually win. Like usual, the players need to keep a check on the safe zone that keeps on decreasing. You need to avoid the constricting safe zone to be in the safer area and play safe to win. Nonetheless, till now no official statement has been given by the company regarding the update release. However, as per expectations the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update may soon release out.

Zombie and Lite Update

With the Zombie update, the game play will also see few more updates such as a new weather for the Vikendi Map, and moonlight feature. In the moonlight mode, the players will get to enjoy the visibility of moon in the night mode. Apart from that, another major update will occur in the Sanhok map with the Quick Match Arcade Mode. It will also encounter some features from the PC mode of game.

The previous few updates with the introduction of night mode and the snow map became extensively popular among players. The lite version released a free days ago is the free game for PC and will be competing the globally famous Fortnite. Currently, the Lite version is under tests at Thailand. Once the update is confirmed, this version will go live in different countries. The lite version can be played in Windows 7,8 and 10. The processor should be Intel Core i3. Similar to the Zombie Update, the official release date of the lite version hasn’t been given yet.

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