Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold has already made its way to the big screens but the rumor for it featuring had been prevalent since a long time. Initially, it was expected that the phone will be called ‘Samsung Galaxy X’. The rumors regarding the phone had been on air since months and everyone had their own perception regarding phone name, type, features and so much more.

In the Unpacked event held, Samsung stated that they will be releasing S10. Well, Galaxy S10 wasn’t the only phone that featured in the event, Galaxy Fold too made its appearance for the audience. Samsung had done its best to hold on the excitement and secret regarding the phone name. However, it did make its way to the audience with Evan Blass leaking the name of the phone to be Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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On the day of event, Samsung took to Twitter to drop a subtle hint about the future of smartphones. What else could that be apart from the most anticipated, the foldable phone. In their tagline, they wrote, “the future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019”. This itself made it evident that the phone was to make its way and it did.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Infinity Flex

In the developer conference of 2018 Samsung had confirmed that the AMOLED panel for their foldable screen will be called ‘Infinity Flex’. This  screen is usually divided in two parts, with the first one being a smaller screen having the look of a traditional phone. However, when you pop open the phone, it features a 7.3 inch display panel.

The phone does not feature bezels and black bars. It is the actually screen that can be folded and bent. The display itself is a complete screen. Therefore, you can enjoy a great gaming experience with no disturbances and differences in the split screen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Android will be available for foldable phones

Before Samsung announced the release of Galaxy Fold, Google took to declare that Android will be supported in the foldable screens. They added that this is an effective evolution in the technology which can bring about all the significant changes.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The phone features a 12GB RAM and 512GB universal flash storage. The phone runs on Android 9.0 (Pie). Galaxy Fold supports the Octa core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. You do not get any option for external storage.

As far as the camera is concerned the phone features triple rear camera and dual selfie camera. The rear cameras are of 12MP, 12MP and 16MP respectively, while the front cameras are of 10MP and 8MP respectively.

The phone supports the fingerprint sensor placed right underneath the display. Apart from that, the phone also supports other sensors such as compass, proximity, gyro and accelerometer. Galaxy Fold comes with a non-denominational Li-Po 4380 mAh battery. The key feature is that the phone supports fast charging. Fold is available in four colours, Astra Blue, Martian Green, Cosmin Black and Space Silver.

As far as the phone’s price is concerned, it is supposed to be around €1800, which is nearly equivalent to $1980. The phone will be officially launched on 26 April.

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