OnePlus TV likely to be launched by 2020

Ever since OnePlus came in the market, it has been giving a tough competition to the different flagships. The Chinese mobile giant’s entry in the tech market led to the drop of various companies such as Samsung, Oppo and more. After giving such tough competition, OnePlus is all set to launch its flagship TV in the coming years, nearly by 2020. Back in September this year, OnePlus announced that the company will become a game changer in the smart TV industry. Ever since then, the fans had been waiting for the TV. Now, it seems that the company is all set to be launching by 2020.

OnePlus TV: The Reason for Delay

The company is no hurry to release the product. They are taking it slow with the product and it’s all set to be there by 2020. In an interview with The Economic Times, the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, “India will be one of the first markets to get the OnePlus TV. It will be available through Amazon India. We haven’t set a deadline as yet, as we want it to be the best there is.” Amazon and OnePlus have been associated since a long time and recently, it celebrated the four-year partnership.

Talking of the delay, the CEO of the OnePlus flagship said, “To get the software upto the standards we expect, to create a differentiate experience requires a huge amount of work. We don’t want to release something that’s more or less already out there in the market.” Basically, OnePlus is working towards developing a more convenient software which is different from the recent one. OnePlus wants to be the suitable game changer and is indulging in deep research to become one such. It is trying to be different from what is existent in the market. The new software is expected to be based on Android and be same as that of Xiaomi’s PatchWall.

OnePlus TV Launch

OnePlus TV: The Game Changer in smart TV industry

CEO of OnePlus flagship said the TV will be a gamechanger in the smart TV industry. They expect to launch the TV at a price that will be giving a competition to others. The CEO of OnePlus also added, “We see that currently, as one goes down the price points, the picture, sound and build qualities deteriorate.” Compared to the other Smart TVs, OnePlus’ TV will launch at a much affordable rate. Although the price will see a difference, the experience will be the same.

For 2020, OnePlus isn’t limiting its services to TV itself. The company has in plans to introduce a number of new features. Although the features aren’t mentioned by CEO, there are chances that it will be implementing the smart voice assistant feature. This will enable to control the other smart devices of the home too. Basically, OnePlus TV may end up becoming the smart thing of your house. Lau said, “We want to create a seamless Internet experience that creates a true Smart TV, going beyond what is traditional in this space.” The TV is expected to have a 4K LED panel.

Lau further added that the TV will first go in floors in the Indian market due to the brand presence in the country. The phone will be available throughout the country via Amazon. The customers looking forward to purchasing the TV can simply buy it from the tech website.

OnePlus’ Popularity

OnePlus have had a stronghold in the market in recent times, since they said they will be introducing the first 5G smartphones. OnePlus’ 6T saw a great demand in the market and we cannot wait for the TV to make its way to the market.

In the Qualcomm Summit, Hawaii OnePlus revealed that by the early 2019s they will be introducing the 5G smartphones ahead of others. Currently, OnePlus is busy celebrating the extreme success of OnePlus 6T. They are working towards developing and continuously updating the phone. 6T was one of a kind with updates having smaller display notch. It also had fingerprint sensors with great battery life. After the huge success of OnePlus 6T, the company introduced the Lavender Purple (Thunder Purple) edition and the McLaren edition (in association with McLaren). The McLaren edition became the first Smartphone in India to have the 10GB RAM and 30W Warp Charge Facility.

The CEO looks forward to give a seamless experience to the potential customers through the phone. Like others, the smart TV by OnePlus has no specific name. But, the giant has asked the fans to send out suggestions for their flagship. The fanbase of OnePlus is 5 million strong.

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