How to turn your WhatsApp Photos into Stickers?

Whatsapp undoubtedly happens to be one of the most loved and admired messaging apps. Ever since WhatsApp made its debut, people have been using it extensively. Moreover, this messaging app is considered to be the number one messaging app over the world.

How to create Whatsapp Stickers

No wonder, it is so popular. Every day, WhatsApp makes a move towards creating a better environment and convenient usage for the people. Whatsapp saw rapid improvements ever since Zuckerberg acquired it. Several features came in WhatsApp which were loved, admired, criticised but most important, used. And that’s what matters.

However, now it has become even more convenient and useful for the people. Another major addition to Whatsapp was the sticker feature. Whatsapp emojis were a favorite but seems like this sticker feature would be no less. This feature is made available for the iOS and Android users as well. Through this feature, you can send stickers to your loved ones apart from the normal emojis and GIFs. One good news for Android users, you get more features than the iOS ones. You can even use the third-party stickers while the iPhone users cannot. You can even customise your own.  

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How do you turn photos into WhatsApp stickers?

Well, this is something that we all have been loving and been very excited about. Here is a guide through which you can customize your whole list of images.

  • Initial step, is to download Whatsapp in your device if you do not have access to the app. If you have been using the app for a while and haven’t updated it yet, it is better to get the 2.18 version.
  • Second thing you should do is click a picture of yourself. Make sure you have a clear background and the entire focus is on you. This would help you to get the right image.
  • Next, make sure that you convert the .jpg picture file into the .png format. To do this without any extra formatting, you will need to have access to the background eraser app. You can get one such application from the play store.
  • Once, you’ve got the app, open it and select the picture that needs to be turned into a sticker. Next, you can choose to remove the background for the image.
      • Now, crop it up in a proper size so that it appears to be a sticker.
      • Crop the image and make sure it is saved in the .png format.
  • Make sure you repeat the process with two more such images. This is because Whatsapp won’t accept anything less than that of the three picture stickers.
  • Once you create it, download the Personal Stickers for Whatsapp from Play Store. Although this is third-party app, it will be helpful.
  • Open Whatsapp alongwith the newly installed app. Get access to the stickers and keep adding them to the device.
  • If you receive the add option, select it again.
  • Access Whatsapp chat box and choose the stickers option placed after GIF section in the smiley box.
  • The stickers created by you will appear and you can keep on sending them. These stickers are further saved.

Go ahead and make sure you create some fun, quirky stickers and enjoy along with your friends.

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