Galaxy S9’s clone Elephone U Pro is taking over the internet

“China speed” has become an excellent product in the consumer electric field. These Chinese factories at a great speed manufacture the products within no time. Elephone U, clone of Galaxy S9 is yet another example of China speed. The clone of Galaxy S8, the phone Elephone S8 was released in the market in September 2017 and again, this year the Elephone U Pro has launched. It is one of the most anticipated phones this year. Already, the phone has taken the market by storm. This clone of Galaxy S9 offers more than the price. The phone was to be called S9 but the name was changed in the last minute.

Elephone U Pro Design and Hardware

Elephone U Pro is the complete clone of Galaxy S9. However, U Pro has the recreated slim bezels and also the rounded display corners for the phone. Elephone U pro also offers for the beautiful dual curves. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and has the same alignment of dual camera and fingerprint as that of Galaxy S9. Elephone U Pro is an elegantly designed phone and looks absolutely amazing.

It offers Snapdragon 660, which is not as powerful as Snapdragon 845.

Elephone U Pro SmartphoneElephone U Pro Specs

Elephone U Pro works on the latest Android 8.0 feature. This is the first Shenzhen market which has this feature. It has a smooth running software. The U Pro features can easily do away with the normal Android navigation button. It also offers the smooth swiping gesture.

iPhone provides the users with its swipe based navigation. Hence, the Chinese company has provided the same swipe based navigation feature. The phone has implemented a thinking concept that even Google won’t implement in the recent times.

Elephone U Pro Performance and battery life 

Elephone U Pro offers Snapdragon 660 which is slower than Snapdragon 845. It has 6 GB RAM and Android 8.0 which is why the phone scored 5.197 in Geekbench’s multi-core processor test. The battery life of Elephone U Pro is commendable. The phone has 1080p resolution with 3550 mAh battery. It can go through the whole day with only 30 percent of battery. It also provides screen on time for 8 hours.

The Elephone U Pro provides 13 megapixel camera for photography on the back. It has 8 megapixel front facing camera. It can provide good quality videos and videos even in low light. The phone isn’t much expensive yet provides for good quality features.

Elephone U Pro price Elephone U Pro Conclusions

The vacuum of U Pro is excellent. It is priced at US $420. Though U Pro has excellent features, but it is not as powerful as OnePlus 5T which has a rate of US $520. The only factor lacking is that it has lack of brand presence and small scale operation. Therefore, U Pro must try to make its brand presence in the market. This clone of Galaxy S9 offers for 128 GB of storage. It is marked at an ideal price for customers who think $300 to be low and $500 to be too expensive.

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