Apple is rolling out iOS 14 and here’s what you need to know

Every year, Apple rolls out new and major updates in iOS that are supported by all iPhones. All these features are free and help to treat security bugs and tweaks. The iOS 14 announced on 22 April is surely something to look forward to. 

When will iOS 14 release? 

iOS 14, is a major rollout by Apple announced at the WWDC 2020 22 June. Although the update has been announced there is no official confirmation about when the update will be launched, except the mention that the update will roll out somewhere near Autumn. The previous update was released in the market around 14-18th September. 

Once the new iPhone is launched, we can expect the update to roll out soon. But this year, we can anticipate that there would be a delay in the release of much+anticipated iPhone 12. So, it increases the possibility of waiting for iOS 14 a little more. 

iOS 14 Beta Version

The beta version of iOS 14 has been launched in the market as soon as WWDC finished. So, interested developers can enroll in Apple’s beta program and try the software. 

The public beta version will come as a boon to Apple lovers, allowing the public to fix bugs. The public beta version is one of the most important things to look forward to. The release of the public beta version will allow Apple to work on bugs, fixes, and improvements that may be detected in the initial stage itself. 

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As per the anticipations, the public beta version will be officially released in the market somewhere around 13 July, 2020. 

iOS 14 will be officially available for iPhone 6s and more, as same as the list of devices supporting iOS 13. As far as the new models are concerned like iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Max Pro, they will come with the pre-installed version of iOS. 

iOS 14 New Features

iOS 14 is going to support a range of devices and features. It is something to look forward to. The changes are surely going to be a big thing. 

Home Screen and Interface Changes

The home screen of iPhones is going to look very different from iOS 14. Moreover, the customers will get a wide range of customization as well. 

App Library is one of the new additions and helps to keep your apps organized in a proper way. The update would allow you to choose apps from a single view rather than browsing across the platforms. Moreover, the apps would be customized as per their category. 

Every category will have a folder with the only difference being in-app sizes. While the apps earlier appeared large, this time they’re small. Also, the update allows you to hide apps that you don’t want to see on your home screen regularly. If you don’t need an app, you can give it. 

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The suggestions will be appearing in the home screen, unlike the previous updates in which they appeared in the notification area. 

The drag and drop option will allow to drag and draw the widgets as per the requirement. Also, you can choose to determine the size of the app. However, the size customization feature may or may not be available for all the platforms. 

The introduction of the Smart Stack feature is considered to be the same as Siri App Suggestions, which is aimed at providing details of the location and time. 


Apple is bringing about some massive, noticeable changes in Siri. The voice control feature already has a lot of rivals and iOS 14 will bring about huge progress. 

There’s a complete addition of new features and a more user-friendly interface for the convenience of the audience. As per Apple, the new Siri will be “cleverer than ever.” The intelligence level of the voice assistant has been improved and well, now you can expect simplified answers from Siri even to the most complicated questions. 

Apart from features, there are new functions such as commanding to send out a message, translation of more languages. Well, translation is available at a much bigger platform. 

Apple now allows translation of 11 languages and doesn’t need internet connection. The translation would contain conversation mode. However, conversation through translation was already available in Android with Google Translate. iPhone would however identify the dialect and then show conversation in a particular field. 

ios14 features


Apple had introduced the Maps feature a few days back and now it is being expected that with iOS 14, there would be improvements in this feature with extensive knowledge and capacities. The maps feature has already been introduced in the US but in other countries such as Ireland and the UK, it will take some time. 

Apple is further focused on providing a user and environment-friendly update for all. So, even when you’re using cycling and electric vehicles, you can proceed with this feature. 

CarPlay/ Car Feature

CarPlay is going to get a hell lot of new additions. The inclusion of digital car keys will be something to look forward to. 

The car key will be stored in the iPhone’s Secure Element setup but the problem is that it can be shared with others. The sharing is limited and can be revoked as per the order. The sharing option will be available via iMessage. 

The CarPlay feature however won’t be available in the market until next year. 


There is going to be a huge change in the messaging interface. The conversations can be pinned and the Slack-like approach will lead to mentioning. This will eventually contribute towards easy collaboration. 

Apart from the messaging interface update, there would be a significant update with Memoni as well. 20 different hair and headwear styles are added. Apart from that, some of the other additions include better age options, stickers and face coverings. 

More changes

iOS 14 will be bringing about changes in-app store, call incoming interface and activity setup. 

iOS 14 won’t be complicated to use. But, most of the features introduced with iOS 14 have been there in Android for a long time. Make sure to check for compare and the available models to make the most out of it. 

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