iBOOT- The Greatest Leak of all Time – Source Code Hacked!

The biggest and most significant leak in the history of Apple happened a few months ago when an engineer posted HomePod which was full of information regarding iPhone X. But, now that’s history, the greatest and most significant leak in history of Apple occurred this week, when an unknown person shared the iBoot source code which is one of the core pieces of software of iPhone.

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This software can allow hackers to find security loops on iPhones. The release does not affect or harms any iPhone security immediately but it can be used as a source code or to analyse the source code that Apple uses. “Delete” can be used by hackers to replicate or manipulate the source code of Apple and can be used by hackers to affect any iPhones in future. On Wednesday an unknown user of GitHub posted this source code on the website. The website is popularly known for sharing source code by hackers or software developers. It is still unclear how the iBoot source code leaked but it is potentially the biggest leak in history of Apple.

iBoot: Statements regarding the incident

A popular writer Levin, who has written a lot of books on iOS and Mac OS says that “it’s a huge issues that the iBoot code got leaked. iBoot is the one of the components that Apple has been holding onto still encrypting its 64 bit image and now its wide open in source code form.”

iBoot Leak iphone 2018

According to reverse engineer, the code is real and can be useful to the hackers. Reports are saying that iBoot code is from iOS 9 but it doesn’t change the fact that it can’t be used or is harmless. It can be used to find loopholes in Apple security patch. Some reports are saying that Apple still uses the same components in the latest version of iOS.

Anyone can discover issues related to iboot which can be used to create new jailbreaks or new ways to decrypt any iPhone. This “iBoot” system’s details’ are given in this blueprint. Hackers can also use the leaked information to create new malwares or surveillance tool for any victim’s device.

iBoot: Apple’s secrecy

Apple is known to keep its source codes hidden so that no one can steal the important information about the software which can create vulnerabilities and can further be used to break security of iPhones. Apple runs a bug bounty program in which white hat hackers and Eagle Eye security researchers help to find security loop holes in apple devices source code. In exchange of these information or security loop holes Apple offers huge sum of money. Rewards are mostly dependent upon the severity of the security loop hole. Some websites also state that the delete source code is around 2 million dollar, as it is one of the most important component in Apple’s security system.

One of the most interesting fact about this leak is that it was firstly posted on Reddit about a year ago but it went unnoticed by most of the people.

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