Shark Tank India Episode Streaming: Insaan, Ideas aur Sapne – Lets look at what happened in the Second Episode

Shark Tank India has been getting a lot of praise from its viewers and if you have been watching Shark Tank already , you know why we are saying this. Lets look at how the second episode of Shark Tank India saw some great business ideas from different entrepreneurs.

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Tagz Food

Unhealthy, Fried Food has always been a point of concern when it comes to one’s health. And this was the use case of coming up with Tagz Food. The co-founders, Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia founded Tagz 1.5 years ago and the USP of their product is No Fats, 50% Less Cholestrol, No TransFat or added Colors. Tagz Food claimed that they are the first brand with a complete setup in India.

Aman and Namita offered them Rs. 70 Lakh for 4% Equity and Ashneer offered Rs. 70 Lakh at 3.5%. Tagz Food came back with a counter offer of Rs. 70 Lakh at 2.5% Equity. Based on their re-evaluation and discussion, the Sharks, Aman and Namita counter offered them Rs. 70 Lakh at 3% Equity and Ashneer gave them a deal of Rs. 70 Lakh at 2.75% Equity.

After a lot of consideration, the co-founders went with the deal from Ashneer Grover.

Head and Heart

Second up was Head and Heart headed by 2 co-founders, Gurnandan Singh and Rajvinder Kaur under the company Innovative Mid Brain Optimization Institute Pvt. Ltd.

They came up with a very innovative approach of presenting their product. The Sharks though initially liked the concept but when things came to numbers and tangible outcomes, none of them seem interested. The final outcome was that none of the Sharks invested.

Agri Tourism

Co-founded by Panurang Taware and Vaishali Taware, Agri Tourism India got started in the year 2003. They give an opportunity for tourist to come & stay for 2-3 days with them and feel the village environment and life. Their ask from the Sharks was Rs. 50 Lakhs investment for 5% Equity.

After a lot of consideration and great suggestions from all the Sharks, the co-founders had to go empty handed from the show.

Hats-off to the efforts everybody has been putting in and good luck for the future to all the entrepreneurs.

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