Shark Tank India Episode 19 Written Updates: Ethik, WeStock, KetoIndia and Magic Lock

Shark Tank India has made its place in many Indian Homes. People from all businesses around India are watching and loving the show. You might be someone who has missed the latest episode and want to know that which Shark offered deals and whose deals were accepted, and whose deals were rejected. 

Well! Sleeves up your heart as we have rounded up most highlights about the show Shark tank India 19th episode.

Shark Tank India Episode 19: Ethik

The show started with a Bangalore-based company Ethik run by two co-founders, Pankaj Khabiya and Bharat Ranka, a high-quality non-leather, microfiber shoe company that was founded in 2012. They ask for Rs. 15 lakhs in exchange of 5% Equity.

But the Sharks refused to make any investment because of a lack of marketing of products and over priced products.

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Shark Tank India Episode 19: WeStock

After that, a company named WeStock arrives with an application and a device to detect the health of cows. A device with AI and ML in its backend programming gets attached to the cow’s ear, and the data is sent to the farmer’s mobile app. Their initial ask was for Rs. 50 lakhs in exchange for 5% Equity from the Sharks.

Anupam Mital was out from the deal straight away. Ashneer, Aman, and Namita offered Rs. 50 lakh in exchange for a 9% Equity to which later, Peyush also joined and the as a group of 4 they offered Rs. 60 lakhs investment in exchange for 10% equity. The deal was accepted!

Shark Tank India Episode 19: Keto India

The founder of the company, Sahil Pruthi brought Keto India, a health plan subscription-based on Keto. Sahil has asked for Rs. 1.5 crores in exchange for 1.25% Equity.

Anupam Mittal was again out from the deal as he did not want to invest in Keto India because of the valuation of the company. But, the other Sharks Peyush, Ashneer, Namita, and Aman counter offered with an ask of 16% equity in exchange for Rs. 1.6 Crores which was finally rejected by Sahil and he had to go without any deals from the Shark Tank platform.

Shark Tank India Episode 19: Magic Lock

After that, founders of the company, Magic Lock, Tejas Shah, Dhananjay Bhatt came to take an investment of Rs. 1 Crore from the Sharks. None of the Sharks appeared interested in the product and even suggested to pitch to the Government. Also, they added that the product seems not to be a consumer product.

Waiting for the new ideas in the 14th January episode, stay tuned to get all the written updates here.

Stay tuned for the latest episodes of Shark Tank India! 

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