Beginning of CBSE 2018 Pre-exam Counselling

CBSE Pre-exam Counselling 2018No doubt, the exams for the Central Board of Secondary Examinations are really tough. However, this time the board has sent out a circular all around the schools which announced the dates for the psychological counselling. Before the final exams, a counselling session will be held for the students.

The board has also prepared for a counselling session for the differently abled students. For them, four special educators have been appointed. The session is supposed to start on April 1 and will be continuing till the 13th of April. It is considered to be beneficial for the students as it will help them to deal with the exam related stress.

CBSE Pre-exam Counselling

Students can undergo these counselling sessions during the preparation period and also during examinations. This will help to cope up with the stress. This counselling service is going to be free of cost. The Principals and trained counsellors of all the CBSE schools within or outside India will be providing these tele-counselling sessions. This time, 91 trained counsellors and principals have been appointed by the board. 71 of them are in India and the rest 20 are from different corners of the world such as Nepal, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom (Al-Khobar), Sultanate of Oman, UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah), Kuwait, Singapore, Qatar and Japan.

CBSE Pre-exam CounsellingThe tele-helpline is supposed to be available from February 1 to April 13. The time duration will be 8 am to 10 pm.

CBSE Pre-exam Counselling Question-answer sections:

Soon, in the newspapers the question answer columns will be published. In these columns, all the appointed expert counsellors will be answering certain questions.

Also, if any student has a query he or she can mail them to . They will receive an answer. Each and every doubt will be answered.

CBSE Pre-exam Counselling: Around India

Since the students are so worried, the counselling will definitely act as a stress buster. Students appearing for the board examinations have been giving their view. Even the Principals came in the fore-front to talk about how these counselling will be helpful for the examinations.

According to Mehreen Garg, a Class XII Commerce student from Ludhiana says, “I get jitters whenever I hear or think of exams. The pressure at this point of time builds up and sometimes it gets on nerves. Everyone wants to give their best in the board exam. I think the counselling session will help students a lot.”

Mona Singh, Principal of Guru Nanak Public School, Ludhiana also thinks that the counselling will be helpful for the students. She says, “We have the psychologists and subject experts for the counselling. Since it is a telephonic conversation, children can talk about their fears and apprehensions more openly without hesitation. Most of the battles are with the mind only because sometimes even intelligent students also feel stress. Any measure that board takes is always welcomed because it is for the interests of the child.” It is the same situation in Madhya Pradesh and every other corner of India.

The circular of the board also read, “”Counselling is offered twice a year. Phase I is meant for pre-exams, which begins in February and ends in April and phase II is for post results, which will begin in May and end in June”.

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