Bigg Boss 15 How to Vote & When is the First Elimination

Bigg Boss 15, perhaps the most popular show in India hosted by Salman Khan, gained its high TRP because of its well-known contestants. Therefore every spectator of this famous reality show is very much interested to know how to save his or her favourite contestant from being eliminated. In this article, you will be able to get a clear notion about the voting process and also you will come to a clear idea about the eliminations.

As the contestants of this show have to stay in a house, they are called housemates. According to the rule of this house, a housemate has to nominate the other housemates. And among the nominated housemates, who gets the maximum number of votes for elimination, has to leave the house. Moreover, if someone breaks the rules of this house, he gets nominated for elimination. One can be disqualified also if he or she hits any of the other housemates. For this reality show, you have three options for voting for your contestant.

How to Vote for your Favorite Bigg Boss 15 Contestant

  • Vote through SMS
  • Online voting using website
  • Vote for the contestant through VOOT mobile app
  • For the first option, you have to open the ‘Text message’ section of your mobile and type the keyword of the contestant whom you want to save. Now send this message to 56882.
  • Again, if you are comfortable with the online voting system, you have to visit the official website of VOOT, which is After entering into the site you have to register your details like name, email id, password etc. Then log in to There you will find an option called Bigg Boss 15, select it. Then select the name of the contestant of your choice and after that click on the submit button.
  • You can also download the VOOT mobile app on your Android phone for voting. Register your details there and select Bigg Boss 15 option. Choose your favourite participant and click on submit button.

The process of elimination will start next week. You will be updated accordingly.

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