Bigg Boss 15 VIP Ticket to Finale Task and the List of Contestants who are Safe

Big Boss 15 is getting immense popularity from the fans. And like previous seasons, Big Boss 15 came out with a VIP zone task. The winning member of this task will get out from weekly eviction and will get a ticket to the finale.

Keep scrolling to discover about your favorite contestant who becomes a VIP zone member.

The VIP zone member task started on 9th November with the announcement made by Big Boss that “You all were entered as jungle inmates, but all have upgraded here and now all are entering in a new phase of the game. You all have equal rights but you have a chance to become a VIP inmate. Only VIP inmates will win the show.”

Tejasswi is ordered to read the instruction. She reads about the task in which Simbha was out from the game as a punishment. All the inmates will be tied to Umar, and till they are tied to Umar, they can become VIPs. When the gong will play Umar will eliminate two inmates from the task. The inmates can eliminate themselves also and the three members who will be tied to Umar will become VIP members. Umar will be tied to inmates through ropes and carabineers.

The task started around 4 pm and all the inmates except Simbha were tied to Umar. Umar lets go of Raqesh and Neha as a first elimination from the game by saying these people are new to the house. He needs more time to understand these people. Then, he eliminates Rajiv and Shamita by clearing that there are more deserved contestants in the game.

In the next episode of 10th November, Umar eliminates Pratik and Jay as the gong plays. Other contestants start convincing Umar for not eliminating him/her from the game.

Vishal tells Umar that it’s my word to you if I have to choose between you and Shamita, I will choose you, even I will choose Karan and Tejasswai over Shamita.

Umar tells Nishant that you have Pratik and Jay, but Will you benefit me if I will not eliminate you from the game? Nishant says yes! For the game’s benefit, I will keep you as a priority. After the gong plays, and Umar eliminates Afsana and Vishal from the game. Umar says Afsana is my sister and she will be angry upon me.

Ticket to Finale: Karan, Tejasswi, Nishant, and Umar become VIP members

Big Boss tells the inmates that from this time Karan, Tejasswi, Umar, and Nishant have right on the trophy. They are out from the nominations. They become the first 4 VIPs of the Big Boss 15 house. No other contestants can enter the VIP’s room or touch their items. Only VIP inmates have the right to use the VIP items, they can’t share them with others.

The four contestants i.e., Umar, Karan, Nishant, and Tejasswi, got the VIP’s badges and entered their VIP room, where they are allowed to discuss nominations.

It will be quite interesting to watch the show what happened next and how the table will be turned by non-VIP members.

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