The Orbital Children Review & Characters: What to know before Watching

If you are hopping on the couch for binge-watching some Sci-Fi drama, give a thumbs up to this Netflix series ‘The Orbital Children’. This Japanese anime series is written by Mitsuo Iso. The show got its inspiration from “Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls”. The series was released into two pieces with 6 episodes in each part.

Here, we have rounded up everything about the series. Let’s scroll down!

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The Orbital Children Release date

Part 1 was released on January 28, 2022, and Part 2 on February 11, exclusively streaming on Netflix.

The Orbital Children Character and Voice Artist

Voice artistCharacter
Touya SagamiGriffin Burns
Abby TrottNasa Houston
Adam McArthurTaiyo Tsukuba
Christopher SwindleBright
CollenO’ShaughnesseyHiroshi Tanegashima
Kyle McCarleyChief Kokubunji
Tara SandsMina Misasa
Ray ChaseMayor Sagami
Elijah UngvaryTwelve
Cassandra MorrisKonoha 6 Nanase
Julie NathansonIsako Dramstadt Nobeyama

The Orbital Children Plot  

The series takes the viewers to outer space with a group of five children in 2045, where AI, the internet, and social networking sites are widespread.

The story can hook the audience till the end with its exciting plot where Touya and Konoha, children born on Moon, are going through physical therapy on a Japanese space station. But unfortunately, in a collision between the station and the comet, they get caught up along with children Taiyo, Mina, and Hiroshi who came from the earth. 

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The Orbital Children has summed up the coming-age story set against speculative fiction. Iso’s cult classic and technology anticipation at the same time added stars to the story.

A future of smart technology, artificial intelligence, and commercial space tourism is reflected with the orbital children. From these elements, Iso weaves a fictional universe and the complexity of technology that can be dangerous for humanity in the near future. The movie depicted the fight for survival for the children caught up inside the space station.

The Orbital Children Review

Despite stunning and detailed animation, The orbital children is quite boring and disorienting. The show bogged down several times in technobabble. Each of its characters is easy enough to differentiate from others, and the show fails to depict the emotional side of any child throughout the series. The story lacks orientation which shifts from a quick explosion to lengthy periods, in which very little appears to happen in reality.

However, Iso’s animation is hugely impressive, stretching back to the 1980s, but lack of storytelling experience dominates the Orbital Children, hence making it dull. The story is sluggish with a ground-level Sci-Fi, rating it 2/5.

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