Child of Kamiari Month Review, Plot and Release on Netflix – Does Kanna Reunite?

Over time, Japanese animated series have gained immense popularity and love among audiences across the globe. Animated series have proven to be always one of the most viewed and loved categories, and if we recall some of them, Child of Kamiari does fall in the top 5 list.

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Originated in Japan, the fantasy, mysterious and enthralling show got famous and tremendous appreciation worldwide. From the Japanese to the English version, we can now see it on Netflix.

Series NameChild of Kamiari Month
Written byTetsuroTakita, Ryuta Miyake, ToshinariShinoe
ProductionLiden Film
CastAju Makita, MAaya Sakamoto, MiyuIrino
GenresAnimation, Mystery, Fantasy
Country of originJapan
Release Date8 February, 2022
Runtime1 hour 39 minutes

You might be surfing on the internet to get all about the most buzzed Japanese animated series of the year. Let’s have a look.

Child of Kamiari Month Release Date: When will it air?

After releasing in Japan on 8th October 2021, Child of Kamiari Month is finally available to the global audience, courtesy of Netflix.

The anime film premiered on 8th February 2022 on the streaming platform Netflix, exclusively outside of Japan. You can enjoy this anime film with a subscription to Netflix.

What is the Plot of the Show?

The anime show has crafted the emotions from the very beginning with Kanna losing her mother. The story shows Kanna out for a run with her mother in the opening montage. It was just a memory flashback, happy but with sad undertones.

For Kanna, remembering her mother comes with running and the mindset that she wins every race she takes part in. The story shuffles around Kanna not coming first in a school run and grief for her mother. Later, she activates an amulet and deliver chiso (a type of food) with a gourd  where she is asked to run in an annual gathering of Gods. Winning the race is the only hope for her to be reunited with her mother.

It would be interesting to watch whether Kanna wins the race or reunites with her mother and the challenges she faces during her journey.

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