Spider-Man: No Way Home Box Office Collection, Review and Cast

Spider-Man: No Way Home blew the audience’s mind with its extraordinary and high-profile story. The earning was massive, $50 million in Thursday previews. Every Marvel movie gets released on weekend, but Spider-Man: No Way Home got released before the weekend and crossed almost $50 million, which is the third-largest collection of Marvel movies.

Sony Pictures is all game to set a new mark by targeting its earnings between $150 million to $180 million over the opening weekend. No COVID era or the emergence of a new variant could stall the Spiderman earnings. The restaurants and theaters are still on the verge of closing due to emergence cases of Omicron but Spider-Man: New Way Home is setting its high records.

If projections hold, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will be the first movie to cross $100 million in a single weekend during the pandemic era. Till now, only one film of Sony’s comic book sequel “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”, has hit that benchmark of $90 million of initial revenues.

Spider Man: No Way Home Cast

DirectorJohn Watts
WritersChris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Stan Lee
StarsTom Holland, Zendava, Benedict Cumberbatch
ProducerKevin Feige, Amy Pascal

Spider-Man: No way Home Movie Review

John Watts, whose slightly dorky and bright touch to the movie with the Holland is quite interesting. In 2018 animated movies of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which introduced the idea that anyone could be a spider, but the No way Home seems to be a wrapping idea of what has come before.

The movie forced Holland to face off the enemies from the world who get to know his true identity. It all starts from the ending of “Far From Home” two years ago, in which Peter’s life has been turned down by Mysterio, who unmasked the Spidey before biting the dust. Peter desperately wants to protect his family and friends, so to do that requests Doctor Strange to cast a spell that will make everyone forget about his true identity.

On the verge of doing this, the plan backfires and Peter gets surrounded by all his enemies who ever knew him as Spiderman. To make things interesting, it’s only the villains who answer Strange’s calling which seems impressive, and Alfred Molina (Doc Ock), Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin), Jamie Fox (Electro), Thomas Haden Church (Sandman), and Rhys Ifans (The Lizard) plays their role wisely. And, no one is as much frightening as we remember them from other Spider-Man Movies.

No Way Home surprises the audience with its decision of defeating its enemies unexpectedly, not to defeat these villains as his predecessors did.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home detangle its loop by loop through the end, but Dr. Strange somehow disappoints the audience. In every marvels movie, Dr. Strange has some magic for the audience, but in this, that was lacking somewhere.

No Way Home is a reward to the audience who were sticking to all seasons of Spider-Man. The movie with its all villains and new tricks, has left great footprints in the audience’s mind.

The movie has been rated 9.2/10 by IMDB.

If you haven’t watched the movie till go and just bind yourself with the interesting storyline of the movie that will be surely fun.

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