Shark Tank India Episode 9: All the highlights from 30th Dec Episode

Shark Tank India is getting immense popularity from the youths present globally. Youth present all over India is pitching the sharks with their unique business idea. You might be interested in knowing who gets investment for their business ideas in the 30th December episode.

Keep reading to learn about the Shark Tank India 9th episode.

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Altor Smart Helmet

A group of 4 people in the team represented their Altor an upgraded helmet, which helps detect the person’s last presence and inform their relatives and friends when they meet an accident. And the relatives get information about their accidents and arrive immediately to rescue that man. Some advanced features include swiping through the helmet for phone calls, etc.

They have asked for 50 lakhs in an exchange of 5% equity.

Later, Namita offered 50 lakhs, demanded 20% equity, and promised to increase sales with her pharma-companies connection. Later, Aman offered 50 lakhs for 10% equity and said to upgrade the style as it is a wearable item. Further, Ashneer, Peyush, and Anupam offered a combined proposal of 50 lakh with 10% equity, whereas Namita and Aman combinedly proposed 50 lakh for 10% equity.

Altor’s counter the offers again by asking Namita and Aman for 50 lakhs against 7% equity. And, they finally agreed and rejected Ashneer, Peyush, and Anupam’s offer.

Ariro Toys

Secondly, Vasanth Tamilselvan and Nisha Ramasamy, founders of Ariro Pvt Ltd. Came to pitch their idea to the Sharks about the toys made from neem wood, i.e., anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for kids from the age of 0-3 years. They demanded 50 lakhs in exchange for 2.5% of equity.

Ashneer was interested in the business idea as kids and toys are a profit-making company, and he asked for 15% equity in exchange for 50 lakh.

Namita was out from the bidding. She said the toys are pricey for the Indian market, and these toys are not tested globally.

Aman and Peyush combined offered 50 lakh for 15% equity. Anupam offered 50 lakhs for 12% equity. Later Ashneer offered 50 lakh for 11% equity. Anupam revised his offers to 50 Lakh for 10% equity.

Later Ashneer and Anupam combined their offer for 50 lakhs in exchange for 10% equity.

Finally, Arriro accepted Aman and Peyush’s offer for 50 lakh in exchange for 10% equity.

Kabira: Manishankar Oils Private Limited

Later Kabira handmade pitched the judges with their traditional and range of handmade spices. They asked for one crore in exchange for 5 % equity and their expertise.

Peyush and Namita stay away from this pitch as they are not impressed much with the idea. And later, due to the low margin of the show, they all were out from the investment and wished good luck to the Kabira Handmad.

If you have missed the show, you can watch it on SonyLiv App. Don’t forget to watch Shark Tank India at 9PM on SonyLiv.

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