Rick and Morty Season 6 Returns with Part 2: Know the Release Date and Plot of the Series

Everyone was excited about the return of their favourite show and eager to start watching the weekly episodes when Rick and Morty season 6 started. With crazier plotlines appearing in every episode, this season has been chaotic to this point. However, just as the show was picking up steam and fans were getting ready for the final few episodes, Adult Swim made a decision that disappointed viewers all over the world.

StarringJustin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke
No. of episodes8
NetworkAdult Swim
Original releaseSeptember 4, 2022 – Present

Fans did not anticipate a six-week break, which confused everyone, especially during the height of season 6. The wait for the remaining episodes won’t be too long. Hopefully, a break means there’s something better to come.

We’re here to fill you in on all the information we have regarding the show’s cast, release date, and the potential plot for the upcoming episodes.

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Release Date of Rick and Morty Season 6 Part 2

The seventh episode of Rick and Morty season 6 will air on November 20, 2022, and the remaining episodes will air over the following weeks.

The most recent episode of Season 6 premiered on October 9th, so the midseason break will last just under one month and a half. Season 6 premiered on September 4th. So even though the return date of the program is known, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the break from Rick and Morty season 6.

The Plot of Rick and Morty Season 6 Part 2

Rick and Morty have given us the pleasure of watching six excellent episodes to date, and following the break, anticipation for part 2 has only risen.

With the dinosaurs closing the space rift and encouraging Rick to fix his portal gun, “Jurassic Mort” also brought many plotlines to a satisfying conclusion. Because of the canon jokes in that episode, it’s possible that Rick and Morty won’t mention these stories again until the season 6 finale.

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As a result, these final four episodes might mix fun one-off stories with continuity-based storytelling.

The Cast of Rick and Morty Season 6 Part 2

For season 6, Rick and Morty’s regular voice cast is present. Rick and his grandson Morty will be voiced by Justin Roiland, while Beth Smith will be portrayed by Sarah Chalke, Jerry Smith by Chris Parnell, and Summer Smith by Spencer Grammer.

In addition to the main cast, the show has featured a number of well-known guest stars.

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