First Wives Club Season 3 will Be Premiered this November on BET

First Wives Club is all set to premiere its Season 3 episodes this November. The series is inspired by a 1996 Hollywood movie of the same title where the divorced wives were seen taking revenge on their ex-husbands. However, the series concentrates on women trying to overcome their ruined and complicated lives by diverting their attention, including dating new partners.

Release Date of First Wives Club Season 3

The story of the First Wives Club series is written by Tracy Oliver, an American actress, producer, director, and television and film writer. Season 3 of this show will be premiered on November 17, 2022, on the streaming services platform BET. The show is exclusively for the US and unavailable for the UK audience. The BET platform was a newly launched streaming platform, and First Wives Club was one of the first original shows to be premiered on this platform. The popularity of this show helped BET to become a recognized platform. 

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Lead Cast of First Wives Club Season 3

The lead cast of First Wives Club includes actress Michelle Buteau and Dr. Bree Washington, Jill Scott as Hazel Rachel, Michelle Mitchenor as Jayla, Ryan Michelle Bathe as Ariel, Deborah Cox play the role of Regina, RonReaco Lee as Gary Washington, Malik Yoba as Derrick Ellsworth, Tara Pacheco as Versace, Bill Barrett as Jacob Rosen, Mark Tallman as David Montgomery are some of the lead cast in this series. There may be new faces, too, but that will be revealed only once the show is premiered.

Speculated Plot of First Wives Club Season 3

We saw Hazel finally getting engaged to Nigel after facing a lot of backlash from his family (because of her ego) at the end of season 2. They are all set to get married. However, we do expect some twists before the couple can say ‘I Do’. Hazel has also partnered with Regina, trying to make a name for herself through her label, but she also has a case to fight.

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On the other hand, Bree forsakes a boost in her career and an affair with one of her colleagues and chooses to stick to her husband, Gary. She is now trying to make her marriage work with Gary.

The second season also saw Jayla trying to connect with Hazel and fit in at a workplace full of women. Whether she can prove her worth as a lawyer is yet to be revealed in Season 3.

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