Mi Honar Superstar Audition Registration 2021 – Give Your Dream Of Singing A Kickstart

How frustrating it feels when you are bestowed with extraordinary talents and need just an opportunity to start your career? But, only jittering over something is not the solution; you heard it right. Mi Honar Superstar is giving a chance to candidates residing in Maharashtra with singing talents to wow the auditions and win the show. The winner will get a huge amount of cash prize money with the chance to work in the music industry. 

Keep reading to gather all information about the Mi Honar Superstar Audition 2021. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Participating in the Mi Honar Superstar Audition 2021?

Mi Honar superstar is uniquely designed for the people residing in Maharashtra means only Maharashtrian can participate in the show. Moreover, the participant would be 21 years or above age.

How to apply for Mi Honar Superstar Audition 2021 online?

Below are discussed step by step procedures to participate in the auditions of Mi Honar Superstar 2021

  • You can simply start registration with the official website of Star Pravah i.e., pravah.starv.com, or download the Hotstar app to start the auditions procedure.
  • After navigating on the homepage of the website, you get a link to the registration of Mi Honar Superstar audition 2021. Click on that link.
  • After that, your registration form will open asking some details like name, date of birth, age, gender, marital status, child age, permanent address, present address, occupation, permanent city details, language spoken by you, etc.
  • Don’t forget to add your mobile number or alternate mobile number, if any, along with your email ID.
  • After providing the personal information, you will ask to upload a video of your singing along with you singing the song, which supports the fact that you sing that song.
  • The video size must not be more than 50 MB.
  • After uploading the video and checking all the relevant information, submit your form online.
  • If judges get touched by your performance, the support team will contact you. So don’t forget to provide an operational contact number.

Which documents are Mandatory for the Registration of Mi Honar Superstar 2021?

Mi Honar superstar is a unique show with its strict procedure of registration so that none fraud participant can register for the auditions. For this, you will ask to submit some documents for your residence proof and identity. You have to come online along with your:

  • Birth certificate for age proof.
  • Maharashtra Domicile Certificate.
  • ID card like voter ID or Aadhar Card.
  • A mobile number so that team can contact you in case of selection.

Important Note

If you get any call asking for money for participation in the audition just close your ears as these are fraud call; the official team of Mi Honar Superstar will never ask for any money for participating in the auditions.

Go and get registered for the auditions as the Mi Honar is searching for its next sensational superstar of the year. Life is unpredictable; you never know, might be the next superstar is you!

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