House of Payne Season 10 Episode List, Cast, and What to Expect

House of Payne is a comedy TV series that is produced by Tyler Perry. It is a family drama that was first aired in 2006. Since the beginning of its journey, it’s been successful in entertaining the viewers. This drama is all about the daily family life situations and problems we face presented hilariously. All of us are enjoying watching this comedy series until now.

Season 9 of the series has been completed lately, and Season 10 started on 25th May 2021. Keep reading the article to know about season 10 and all of its latest updates. 8 episodes of season 10 have been completed so far, and episode 9 is expected to be released soon. The exact number of episodes in season 10 has not been announced yet.

House of Payne Season 10 Cast

Curtis Payne

LaVan Davis plays the role of Curtis Payne and is one of the main characters in this series. He is generally a fat guy who doesn’t care to follow all the diet rules. At the same time, he is immature sometimes but works hard for his family.

Ella Payne

Cassi Davis plays Ella Payne and is Curfi’s wife. She is a sweet home-stay-mother who gives moral support to the entire family. Being a good cook, she opens a restaurant in one of the episodes and also gets her degree.

Allen Payne

Clarence James’ role is played by Allen Payne. He is the son of the late Curtis elder brother. Allen moves to Curtis’ home after a fire accident in his home. He is married to Miranda Payne and is the father of 4 children.

Calvin Payne

The Calvin Payne role is played by Lance Gross. He is the only beloved son of Curtis and Ella. He acts like a carefree student at the beginning of the series. Later he gets married and has children.

Malik Payne

Malik Payne is played by Laramie “Doc” Shaw. He is a young adult who is interested in engaging with girls. Malik often used to get bullied in school. He later marries Summer in one of the episodes. But their marriage doesn’t last long as they claim for an annulment after a few weeks of marriage.

Jazmine Payne

Jazmine Payne is played by China Anne McClain in the series. She is one of the daughters of C.J and Janine. She had a crush on Kevin, who is Malik’s friend. Even Though she acts innocent, she is quite mean to Kevin and Malik. She doesn’t appear in episode 6 of the series.

Janine Payne

Janine Payne is played by Demetria McKinney. She is a CJ wife and balances both work and family life.

Miranda Payne

Miranda Payne is played by Keshia Knight Pulliam. She is Calvin’s wife and faces problems in his relationship.

HOP Season 10 All Episodes

  • Episode 1 – Whiplash
  • Episode 2 – A Painful Lesson
  • Episode 3 – All Lumped Together
  • Episode 4 – Back That Thang Up
  • Episode 5 – Sauce Bosses
  • Episode 6 – Missing Mustard Seeds
  • Episode 7 – In The Hot Seat
  • Episode 8 – Karen

It is one of the series that is a must on your watch list if you love comedy series. Episode 9 of season 10 is expected to be released on 12 October 2021. You can watch it on online streaming channels, or you can buy it online.

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